Yellow – 1997 - Shiver
Halla – 2001 - Sagittarius

Nomicon image
S= Jani Salminen – Soulgrind, Walhalla>>[CEASAR MCLAUNONE] TOMMI LAUNONEN>>Soulgrind, Walhalla
G= Ville Panhelainen – Wintermoon, Thy Serpent, Raven, Shape Of Despair>>MIIKA "AZHEMIN" NIEMELÄ – Dementia, Stone, Latvala Bros, Dementia, Waltari, Sinergy, Soulgrind>>TROOPER [ROOPE LATVALA]>>Thy Serpent, Waltari, Sinergy, Soulgrind, Children Of Bodom, Stone, Soulgrind
B= Gandalf, Gloomy Grim>>[CEASAR MCLAUNONE] TOMMI LAUNONEN>>Gandalf Gloomy Grim, Barathrum
D= Tero Huttunen – Airdash, Corporal Punishment, Thy Serpent, Walhalla, Gloomy Grim, Soulgrind>>AGATHON [JUHA HINTIKKA]>>Walhalla, Barathrum, Gloomy Grim, Soulgrind

Nomicon was founded in the capital of Finland Helsinki in 1990. Demo I was followed by an appearance on the compilation single More Than Death - Volume I. The Tri-Angle demo came in 1991. Tombstone Records offered the band a deal, but the boys ran the other way sensing the label to be a scam. They had recorded the split for Tombstone. Shiver Records paired the band with Finland-based Sarnath for a split in 1995. By the time Promo ’96 hit Tommi was the sole member meaning guitars had to be skipped. Nonetheless, Shiver issued the band’s self-recorded debut album and the group played live for the first time in four years. Yellow addressed the destruction of Mecca and addressed the band’s/Tommi’s hatred for Muslims. A 1998 demo preceded the band’s farewell album. Shiver had signed the band for two albums, but this second one was not on the Belgium-based label. The band had dumped Shiver for a lack of effort. The second album was on Sagittarius, which was the follow-up to the Aquarius mail order, a business belonging to Mr. Launonen.