King Diamond, Grave, Japanische Kampfhörspiele, Pestilence, Dissection and many other bands have deemed it desirable to go back and dig up old demo material for re-issue later in life. Releases like this are questionable morally, commercially and an affront to the underground. It has been written in these pages before, but it now bears repeating that everyone should let the underground remain in the underground. It has less to do with the quality of the material and demand and more to do with preserving integrity and first-comer advantage.
Nominon is a devoutly underground Swedish band and, as indicated by the title, has entrusted the release of its older demo material to Singapore’s Pulverised Records although Trauma Records was originally billed as the issuing label. The band wins many points for its intensely primitive underground sound and undefiled death metal. This band is the genuine article, neither having ever attempted commercialization and mass acceptance nor attempting a far-fetched return to its heady sound as Entombed is undertaking with Serpent Saints. Having said that, the world does not need another CD of demo material with cover version of Voivod, Whiplash and Repulsion included to boot. Songs like Cemetery Of Life and Sodom’s Fall are great death/thrash historical cuts, yet should have stayed available only to those who shelled out cash to buy the demos or later went to the trouble of tracking down the material. The C. Moyen or C. Moyen-inspired black and white cover adds that little touch of authenticity, but a address for the band takes it right away. - Ali “The Metallian”

When a copy of Nominon’s compilation disc Remnants Of A Diabolical History arrived at Metallian Towers earlier this year there was nothing to do but criticize the nature of that album. Terra Necrosis is another matter. Being a proper release, with a professional sound, packaging and line-up the disc is the perfect Swedeath release and one that shows there is a lot of life left in death from Sweden. The old and genuine sound of the early bands of the style rears its head once again in unabashed, undiluted, and uncompromised form. Nominon is not afraid of slowing down when needed, and indeed does on the song Bane Appetite or parts of Release In Death, but most of the material is fast to super fast in addition to being dense, distorted and superbly heavy. The vocals are just right, the band knows how to solo the left hand path way and when audible the bass sound is like barbed wire flying in the air. Adding to the heaviness is the band’s use of the old Swedish trick of linking tracks for one non-stop dosage of barbarism. Nominon’s Terra Necrosis is fertile ground for fans of Left Hand Path, Like An Ever Flowing Stream, Into The Grave and Vomitory. This is to Soilwork what a hearty and nutritious meal is to McDonald’s. - Ali “The Metallian”

Impressive band this Nominon, the band plays old-school death metal and sounds like it means it too. Not every band can pull off brutality like this and come across as convincingly. The album begins with a roar so ferocious it is worth the price of the album on its own. From there to closing track Wrath Of Shiva Monumentomb - with its delightfully vintage death metal cover artwork by Chris Moyen - the Swedes go through a torrent of both mid-paced and rapid-fire deathly tunes full of pounding drums, noise and deep vocals.
One point that needs to be made, however, is the band’s penchant for manipulating its style. While much of the album is ridden with vocals that sound like a hyper-puking zombie and noisy guitar solos, several songs magically change styles to deep growls and surprisingly melodic and controlled lead guitars. Mountain Of Hate is such a track. It is all heavy as hell, which is why it might be missed entirely. Nonetheless, these guys are able to manipulate the heaviness without missing a beat.
In addition to all of the above-mentioned factors, the sound also contributes to the feeling of authenticity that the album exudes. Far from being a hissing, digitised product of a pro tool, Monumentomb lurks in the grime and filth in which this sub-genre revels. Play it loud for the Christians living in your parents’ bedroom. They earnt the suffering. - Ali “The Metallian”