Legacy>>Legacy Of Pain>>NONEXIST - SWEDEN

Deus Deceptor – 2002 – New Hawen
From My Cold Dead Hands – 2012 - Pivotal Rockordings
Throne Of Scars – 2015 - Mighty
Like The Fearless Hunter – 2020 - Mighty

S= Mortal Abuse, Carnage, Devourment, Max And The Chainsaws, Necrony, Furbowl, Arch Enemy, Hearse>>Johan Liiva>>Hearse, Black Earth - JOHAN REINHOLDZ
G= Andromeda, Opus Atlantica, Skyfire, Dark Tranquillity, Faithful Darkness>>JOHAN REINHOLDZ>>Andromeda, Opus Atlantica, Skyfire, Dark Tranquillity, Faithful Darkness - Faithful Darkness, Pandemonium>>JOHAN ALDGÅRD>>Faithful Darkness, Pandemonium
B= Johan Reinholdz – The Codex, Andromeda, Jarawynja, Solar Dawn, Citadellion, Mr. Gul, Until Rain>>LINUS ABRAHAMSON>>The Codex, Andromeda, Mr. Gul, Until Rain
D= Embalmed, The Hidden, Infernal, Defleshed, Dark Funeral>>Matte Modin>>The Hidden, Defleshed, Dark Funeral, Sportlov, Firespawn, Skineater, Usurpress, Sarcasm - Faithful Darkness, Pandemonium>>JOAKIM STRANDBERG-NILSSON>>Faithful Darkness, Pandemonium

Nonexist did in fact exist and was sighted under controlled circumstances in the kingdom of Sweden where no one ever retires and everyone is by force of law - under punishment of having to watch a fat American fart his way through life - must be in a minimum of a dozen bands. The group was founded in 2001 when singer Johan Liiva was booted out of Arch Enemy. The band lasted for three years, disbanded so the members can spend time on the aforementioned dozen other bands, and naturally returned in 2011.

Deus Deceptor was issued by New Hawen, which was formerly War Music with the latter label having initially signed Arch Enemy. This label was also working with Johan’s Andromeda. The album was licensed to Century Media, which was the label that would later sign Arch Enemy. It was recorded with producer Tommy Tägtgren at Abyss Studio in a mere twelve days. That was the band’s sole record prior to the reformation. The band issued more albums (with a drum machine), but reverted to releasing a demo, called The New Flesh, in 2016. Liiva had left at this juncture. Mighty Music nonetheless issued an EP, called In Praise Of Death, in 2018. Chuck’s mom probably called and demanded royalty. Johan Reinholdz was on vocals now.


Nonexist is the new band which the ousted Arch Enemy singer Johan Liiva (also of Hearse) joined last year and Deus Deceptor is the band's debut album on New Hawen (formerly War Records) Records of Sweden. Liiva being ex-Arch Enemy, Deus Deceptor is understandably not far from Arch Enemy in sound. The band -formed under the Legacy guise- mixes different elements of metal into one potpourri and tops it with Liiva's harsh vocals. Andromeda guitarist Johan Reinholdz handles both guitars and bass here and, unsurprisingly for those who know Andromeda, has much to say. A Halo Askew, for example, has many features. Like the rest of the album, it's both fast and slow and has elements of both death and progressive metal. The song also repeats the same melody heard at the beginning of the album. Phantoms emphasizes the blasting, while Ebony Tower is equal parts bashing metal and technical fills. The progressive elements are distinctive here. Nonexist is presumably a serious band. But like every other Swedish musician, the trio heard here has other and concurrent projects on the go with drummer Modin playing also in Defleshed and Dark Funeral. For now reports indicate the band has recruited a second guitarist and a bassist - Liiva foregoing playing bass as he did in Arch Enemy - and is looking at touring in support of Deus Deceptor.