Psychological Torture – 1990 – Semetery/FNAC
Contamination Rises – 1991 – Semetery
Seasons Of Soul – 1995 – Semetary
Self Mutilation – 2000 – Kodiak
Machinery – 2002 – Kodiak/Nuclear Blast
No Return – 2006 – Season Of Mist
Manipulated Mind – 2008 – Dockyard 1
Inner Madness – 2012 – Great Dane
Fearless Walk To Rise – 2015 – Mighty
The Curse Within – 2017 – Mighty
Live XXX – 2020 - Mighty

No Return image
S= Phil Ordon – Tanguy Bourgeois>>Denonciator, T H I N K – Iceland>>Steeve “Zuul” Petit>>Zuulfx – Celtic Blood, Inheritance, Narcotic Greed, Hate Beyond>>Moreno Grosso>>Hate Beyond – Ghusa, Carnal Lust>>L. Chuck D.>>Ghusa, Carnal Lust – Tenebrum Infectus, Destinity, The Reversionist>>Mick [Michaël Rignanese]>>The Reversionist, Destinity
G= Eric Le Baron – ALAIN CLEMENT – Droÿs>>Benoit Antonio>>Indrama – Sonny Red, E-Force, Angher>>Jérôme Point-Canovas>>Angher, Massive Charge, Loudblast – Ashura, Irradiance>>GEOFFROY LEBON>>Ashura
B= Laurent Janault – Benoit Antonio - Inhumate>>Olivier Herol>>Absurdity, Depravity Caused Addiction, Ferocity, Witches - Julien Gebenholtz>>Lokurah – Untuned, Lucretia>>DAVID BARBOSA
D= Ixion>>Didier Le Abron – Korum, Fatal, Kause 4 Konflikt>>Boban Tomic>>Fatal, Kause 4 Konflikt – Untuned, Lucretia>>JOËL BARBOSA
K= Malko Pouchin

The France-based band existed as Evil Power for five years specializing in sped/thrash metal before going deathrash in 1989. The group was signed by Semetary/FNAC as its first act. The band travelled to Germany in order to record its debut album with Marquis Marky of Coroner. Contamination Rises saw quite a bit of publicity for the band. It was recorded with Tom Morris of Morrisound in USA. The first two albums were issued by Great Dane in 2014. Tanguy Bourgeois joined for album number three. Eric Le Baron was gone. The band toured Europe with Brutal Truth, Massacra, Crusher and Loudblast in 1996. The band would give and also receive members from Loudblast years later. The Red Embers EP arrived in 1997. Self Mutilation took five years and so much momentum was lost. Listenable re-released the same album. Petit was on vocals and there was a piano player on-board. The group signed with Nuclear Blast next and had its album see a proper North American release. Machinery’s concept was one of man being ruled by technology. Bassist Olivia Scemama (later Aborted) was with the band at this time. The group appeared at the Summer Breeze Open Air. Moreno Grosso sang on the self-titled album. No Return announced its 2012 album, named Inner Madness, for April 23rd through Great Dane Records. The album was recorded at the Sainte Marthe studio with producer Francis Caste and featured Boban Tomic. Dew-Scented announced a headline autumn European tour called Thrash Mercenaries with Angelus Apatrida from Spain and No Return from France in 2015. The band also played Hellfest. Guitarist Jérôme Point-Canovas quit at the end of 2015. The band had toured with Angelus Apatrida and did so again in 2017. The band announced a new album, called The Curse Within, through Mighty Music on November 17th 2017. The band was touring with Black Dahlia Murder and Cannibal Corpse. Singer Mick joined in 2013 and left to Destinity in 2020. Live XXX was recorded in 2018. Singer Steeve returned in 2020.

Alain Clement has been there since 1989, but otherwise the band’s line-up has been as stable as Donald Trump’s brain and the band has had as many record companies as Donald Trump has had porn stars (Melania included). The Barbosas are brothers.


A short intro and the album dives into a hateful deathrash song named Violator. The picking conveys urgency and the voice anger. There is some chugging reminiscent of Channel Zero and the sound is very powerful. This can be a good album. The next track is called The Recycler and introduces the band's latest, newest and coolest member, Malko Pouchin. Malko is in charge of 'Machinery.' That's right, Malko is the king of keyboards and sound effects. He likes to experiment and brings that certain kewl chic to No Return. Is it conformity? Is it weakness? Is it an older band's (who should have known better) attempt to keep up with its younger peers? Whatever the case, Machinery could have been a powerful metal album that is now considerably weakened by the 'machinery.' This is a concept album recounting the tale of a young genius who creates an android.The solos are good and the rhythm tight. Disease begins with a Cannibal Corpse riff and Secret Face not so secretly clones Obliveon and Death. Still the fact remains that despite the commercial magazines protestations there is no market out there for 'metal' with keyboards, samples and synthesized effects. No Return was formed in 1989 and will find that the year 2002 bears little demand for thrash acts yearning to be Fear Factory. They have my regrets.


No Return