Requiem>>Decayed>>NORTHER - FINLAND

Dreams Of Endless War – 2002 - Spinefarm
Mirror Of Madness – 2003 - Spinefarm
Death Unlimited – 2004 - Spinefarm
Till Death Unites Us – 2006 - Spinefarm
N – 2008 – Century Media
Circle Regenerated – 2011 – Century Media

Norther image
S= KRISTIAN RANTA - Petri Lindroos>>Ensiferum – Imperanon, Medicated>>ALEKSI SIHVONEN>>Medicated
G= Gashouse Garden>>KRISTIAN RANTA>>Gashouse Garden - Petri Lindroos>>Ensiferum
B= Whamgraal, Wintersun, Cain’s Offering, Amberian Dawn>>JUKKA KOSKINEN>>Wintersun, Cain’s Offering, Amberian Dawn
D= Toni Hallio – Virtuocity, Amberian Dawn, Force Majeure>>HEIKKI SAARI>>Amberian Dawn, Force Majeure, Naildown, Finntroll, Whorion
K= Gramary>>TUOMAS PLANMAN>>Gramary

The band was founded as Requiem in Espoo in 1996 before deciding there are some fifty other Requiems out there. The group changed its monicker to Decayed in 2000 and became one of sixty other Decayeds out there. As a result, the band became Norther in 2000. The founding members were Kristian Ranta, Jukka Koskinen, Tuomas Planman, Petri Lindroos and Toni Hallio.

By this time, the direction had moved from death metal to keyboard-laden metallic music. the band issued a demo called Warlord and with help from friend Alexander Kuoppala of Children Of Bodom obtained a contract with Spinefarm. The debut entered the Finnish charts at number seventeen, which likely translates to sales of a couple of hundred. The song Warlord was now called Endless War. Century Media and Avalon of Japan licensed Mirror Of Madness. It hit the Finnish charts at number 13, which likely translates to sales of a couple of hundred. Century Media would sign the band later. The group toured with Hypocrisy and Dimmu Borgir. The band had an EP called Solution 7 in 2005. Till Death Unites Us was recorded at Studio Fredman in Sweden. The song Norther contained the titles of all the band’s previous tracks in one. The band composed the theme song, called Frozen Angel, for a Finnish film called V2 – Dead Angel. The band was also featured in the film. The 2007 EP No Way Back was for the Finland and Japanese markets only. Aleksi Sihvonen joined in 2009. Naildown recruited drummer Heikki Saari in the winter of 2009. Petri Lindroos had left to folk rock band Ensiferum. Daniel Freyberg joined in 2010. Guitarist Ranta was replaced by Tome Leoma for shows in 2011. The band split up in July 2012. The band claimed the members were too busy elsewhere. The group’s last show would be Brutal Assault Festival 2012 in the Czech Republic.


(Treble speed metal + keyboards + raspy vocals) Spinefarm x Century Media = Children Of Bodom.
Children Of Bodom + black nail polish = Norther.
Metal keyboards = black white = warm ice = dark light.
Finland < 0 ⇒ keyboards = ∞ - Ali "The Metallian"