Wish I Could Dream It Again... – 1994 - Polyphemus
Arte Novecento – 1996 – Polyphemus
Classica – 1999 – Century Media
Novembrine Waltz – 2001 - Century Media
Dreams d'Azur – 2002 - Century Media
Materia – 2006 - Peaceville
The Blue – 2007 - Peaceville
Ursa – 2016 - Peaceville

S= Mondocane>>CARMELO ORLANDO>>Mondocane
G= CARMELO ORLANDO – Oceana, The Legend Of The Sleeping River>>MASSIMILIANO PAGLIUSO>>Oceana, The Legend Of The Sleeping River
B= Fabio "Puccio" Vignati - Antonio Poletti>>Ghouls, Deceptionist
D= Abstracta, Deinonychus, Rosae Crucis, Airlines Of Terror, The Foreshadowing>>Giuseppe Orlando>>Abstracta, Deinonychus, Rosae Crucis, Airlines Of Terror, The Foreshadowing

These dudes were in the Catacomb for three years before picking up a new monicker in 1993. The Giuseppe and Carmelo Orlando brothers were from Sicily. The group opened for Agathocles and Carcass. The goth/doom boys recorded with Dan Swanö. They were picked up by Century Media and toured with Moonspell. It didn’t go too well and the band disappeared in 2008 only to make the inevitable return in 2015. A proposed Evergrey and Novembre tour of Europe for April 2009 had been cancelled. Dreams D'Azur was a rerecording of the band’s debut album. Novembre opened for Katatonia in 2006. The Blue was supported with an opening slot for Paradise Lost. Giuseppe officially left the band in 2015.