Damnanus – Dominum – 1999 - Folter

Nox Intempesta image
S= Nefarious, Silentium, Arathorn>>Tyrann [Karlinski]>>Arathorn
G= Arathorn, The New Aeon>>MORDRA "COLDSTONE" VON KALDESSTEIN>>Arathorn, The New Aeon, Vale Of Siddim, Necros Christos, Drowned – TYRANN [KARLINSKI]
B= Monastiir
D= Holocaust
K= Arathorn, The New Aeon, Silentium>>MORDRA "COLDSTONE" VON KALDESSTEIN>>Arathorn, The New Aeon, Necros Christos, Silentium, Drowned

This black metal act was founded by Tyrann and Mordra in 1994. The two had been playing together since 1990. The band was based in Berlin, the capital of Germany. Immediate demos were A Grim Red Kiss Of Transylvania and Majestic Scarlet Nova. Folter Records signed the band and issued an EP called Die Lieder Von Tod Und Ewigkeit in 1997. The Bible is full of texts of death and eternity. The group climbed the stage for the first time at the Fucking Christmas Metal Meetings in December, 1997. Another EP, De Vermis Mysteriis, was issued for the band’s opening slot of Mayhem’s shows in Berlin and Leipzig. The title is obviously influenced by Mayhem. Many of the songs were utilized in the band’s debut. The band stuck with German lyrics mostly. The band reverted to issuing demos like Todeskult and Occult Revelation. The former featured a Blasphemy cover version. The group gave up. Holocaust had left, Tyrann had switched to guitar and Monastiir was on vocals. The band had started working on a second album called Aggestum Armageddon.



Nox Intempesta