God Of Aggression – 2010 - MDD
Just Fucking Thrash – 2014 – MDD
Empowered By Hate – 2017 – MDD
Lobotomy – 2020 - MDD

Nuclear Warfare image
G= Speedwhore>>SEBASTIAN LISTL>>Speedwhore – Pit [Christian Mrgnthlr]
B= Heiligs Blechle, Stormhunter>>FLORIAN BERNHARD>>Heiligs Blechle, Stormhunter
D= Sacralis>>Miriam Storz – Andralls, Ravenland, Claustrofobia, Spectrus>>ALEXANDRE BRITO>>Andralls, Claustrofobia, Spectrus

Germany gave us Nuclear Tribunal first. This did not work and Nuclear Warfare emerged. This Stuttgart-based band was founded in 2001. The 2002 demo First Strike showcased a band bent on thrash metal and crossover. The second demo was called War Is Unleashed. A 7” EP called Dosenpfand Muss Weg! Since Dosenpfand was a deposit for the good of the environment this placed the band in the reactionary/right-wing corner. The band’s 2006 demo was called We Come In Peace. The next demo was Royal Fortune. Singer Andy (Nucleator) left in 2008 and bassist Fritz took over the job. The band had borrowed Running Wild’s used costumes. The band’s debut album came courtesy of MDD in 2010. The group played in Brazil in 2014, but lost drummer Miriam. Brazilian man Alexandre was the replacement. Empowered By Hate was recorded in Brazil. Guitarist pit left in 2017. The band toured Brazil in 2018. Brito was the live bassist for Spectrus. Germany-based thrash metal group Nuclear Warfare had an album called Lobotomy through MDD Records in 2020.



Nuclear Warfare