Ritually Abused – 1988 - Medusa
When Suffering Comes – 1996 - Defiled

Numskull image
S= Wrath>>Skip McGullam – Agamas>>Paul Benigno
G= Eric Seiller – Lupara, Apollyn, American Hate>>Tom Brandner>>Lupara, Apollyn, Evil Incarnate, American Hate - DAVID HARRINGTON
B= Fatal Violence>>Rob Charrier – Apollyn, Evil Incarnate>>Mike Eisenhauer>>Evil Incarnate
D= Wrath>>Jeff McGullam - Broken Hope, Lupara>>SCOTT CREEKMORE>>Lupara, Apollyn, Evil Incarnate, Never Again

These USA-based deathrashers were one of the early acts of the subgenre. Singer Skip McGullam, guitarist Tom Brandner and drummer Jeff McGullam came together in 1985 and during this, their most active period issued several demos and an album before disbanding. The band’s debut album was re-released by Relapse years later. Skip and Jeff were former Wrath members. A recording, called Future - Our Terror, went unused. As with every other band retirement and working as a supermarket bagger brought the group back in 1994 and again in 2000.

The group’s 1986 demo was called Num's The Word. Medusa/Restless, which had Hades on its roster, signed the group for its debut. It was soon back to demo land and tapes with names like Thrash To The Bone and Demo 1989. Following its return the group had a demo called Demo 1995. Rage Records of New York issued a 7” split for the band and Sea Of Tranquillity. When Suffering Comes was issued by the fledgling Defiled Records. Shaun LaCanne, who was with the band in 1995, was part of the year 2000 reformation, but could not last.

There are not any original members in this band.


I had been curious about Numskull ever since it released an album some nine years ago; admittedly having never heard them, but having heard of them. The year is 1997 and I finally get to hear the band and it is a pleasure to do so. Many reviews have pointed out that the band is good but not spectacular and I tend to agree. However, for a band that has been at it for so long (albeit With line-up changes), these Illinois bangers maintain a splendidly brutal metal stance. My kudos to Numskull for having a pure death metal release which for comparison's sake can be described as a cross between Grave, Gorguts and Vital Remains. Guttural vocals with semi-technical guitar playing, metal solos and a solid drummer make a band and Num Skull does it professionally. Cover versions are decidedly way over-done, but the version of Burled Alive 'buried' here is so competent it picked me up and placed me in the olden days - well done. - Ali "The Metallian"