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OBSCENE CRISIS - Advance Demo Of '95
Formed by ex-Kataklysm guitarist Stephane Cote as a vehicle to get his musical ambitions on track again, the young quintet has now recorded no less than ten songs at Montreal’s Victor Studio (Necrotic Mutation, Obliveon, Gorguts, etc.) intended as the first serious foray of the band following last year’s debut tape. Admittedly, being in possession of an advance tape with an initial rough mix, I am not able to make a final verdict regarding the sound and production of the finished product. Safe to say that the recording will sound at least average and satisfactory if not, as promised, of high quality. What is obvious, regardless, is the unequivocal devotion of the material to pure death metal without an inclination to compromise. Serving as the highlight of Obscene Crisis is the vocal savagery of Eric Fisset who comes across as the bestial offspring of Frank Mullen, Joe Ptacek and Chris Barnes! While the main portion of his delivery is delightfully sub-woofer growling during occasions such as Human/Ecology and Animated Hallucination or towards the end of Streets Of Insecurity, he varies his voice to at least two other ravaging tones. Elsewhere, on a track like Off Season, he manages a fine impression of the devil heaving during a miscarriage. Ha! Additional honourable mention is accorded the snare blast of drummer Stephane Chartrand whose relentless attack is akin to troupes like Suffocation or Terrorizer. Whereas, in the guitar department the two men are content to simply follow each other. The band needs to utilize its two guitars to a fuller degree. Personally, I would be happier were the band to work on distinguishing one guitar from the other. Ultimately, should the promised finishing touches on the sound come together Obscene Crisis will become instant contenders on the death metal scene. Contact the band at 9230 Lajeunesse #2, Montreal Canada H2M 1S2. - Ali “The Metallian”


Obscene Crisis