Thurisaz – 2003 - Twilight
Schlachten & Legenden – 2007 – Massacre
Várar – 2009 - Trollzorn
Tenkterra – 2010 – Trollzorn
Obscurity – 2012 – Trollzorn
Vintar – 2014 – Trollzorn
Streitmacht – 2017 - Trollzorn

Obscurity image
G= Dornaz – Cortez [Toni Cortes] - DORNAZ
D= Arganar - Draugr

There were several other Germany-based bands called Obscurity. This act was formed in the west of the country in 1997. The band issued a demo called The Rebirth Of The Dark Empire. Another demo, called Christian Decay, arrived in 1999. A 2000 demo was called Bergisch Land. Despite hailing from Germany, the band adopted a Viking image. The band’s official debut album arrived in 2003. Founding member Dornaz left however. He returned in 2007 to commemorate the group’s tenth anniversary. Nezrac left in 2008. He missed the band and hated his job so returned a year later. Twilight typically distributed existing recordings. The band next moved to Massacre Records, which is barely a step up. Drummer Zorn (Marc Dzierzon) of Dew-Scented joined in 2018 replacing Draugr who stayed with the band a mere year.

The band calls its music ‘battle metal.’ The group has played at Heidenfest Tour, the Pagan Fest Tour, Rock Harz, Ragnarök and Turock Open Air. The band’s nationalism is amplified through its use of the Bergisch Lion as a symbol.


The 666th Obscurity to roam this planet earth is here and with an album that truly delivers in every respect. Be it speed, heaviness, brutality or bestial Germanic vocals this unlikely group hits hard and with precision. Obscurity has the added benefit of an improbable catchiness that sets the band apart. Fans of Impaled Nazarene, Dawn and even Slayer will really dig this incredible release.
Notwithstanding the incredible music let us take a moment to address the sheer stupidity of sending out promotional releases which are disrupted by silly anti-piracy announcements which ever minute or so proclaim the band’s name, release name and date and so forth. Labels like SMP have to realize that alienating and annoying one’s promotional arm i.e. the press is self-defeating. They have to realize, but of course, they will not. After all, the music industry will do anything and everything in its power to shoot itself in the foot. Once it has done that it will reload and shoot again. Metal Blade, AFM, Nukie Blast, etc. have all tried this scheme and sales have fallen so why would anyone think it will work differently for them? No clue - and neither does the label. - Ali “The Metallian”