For We Are – 2000 - The Last Shivering Planet Company
Laughing Tears * Crying Smile – 2002 - The Last Shivering Planet Company
...Send In The Clowns – 2004 - Apache
Mirror Palace – 2007 - Scarlet
The Arrogance Of Ignorance – 2008 - Scarlet

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S= Sons Of Seasons, The Searching>>TIJS VANNESTE>>Sons Of Seasons, The Searching
G= Jan Van Deuren - Ashmolean>>WIM MELIS>>Ashmolean, Exoto - TOM VAN CAUWENBERGHE
B= Bert Rommes - Thurisaz>>JO VAN HEGHE>>Thurisaz
D= Ashmolean, The Searching>>GUY VERNELEN>>Ashmolean, The Searching, Exoto
K= The Searching>>HANS CLAES>>The Searching

This goth band was active from 1995 to 2011. It was formed out of the ashes of defunct bands Sonic Torment and Musart. The band had been inactive most recent to its disbandment. Per rules of the scene the band regrouped for a one-off show, this one at Graspop Metal Meeting in 2015. It was not the band’s first time at Graspop. The group had also appeared at Eindhoven. The group had also played at ProgPower in the USA. The band’s first out put was 1996’s Forgotten Symphony N°I. 1998 delivered Between Heaven, Earth And Beauty. ...Let Them All In was a 1999 demo. The band’s debut album arrived in 2000. Laughing Tears * Crying Smile featured the trendy hidden track. Tijs Vanneste’s lungs collapsed and he had to undergo surgery as a result. Shows had to be cancelled, but the band did tour with Epica. The Arrogance Of Ignorance was recorded in Sweden again. Tijs had a guest appearance on Panchrysia’s Massa Damnata album.

The Searching was an acoustic project formed as early as 2001, but reemphasized following the drying of Oceans Of Sadness. The band’s motto was ‘Expect The Unexpected’ for a while.


Formed out of the ashes of defunct bands Sonic Torment and Musart in 1995, the Belgians follow up their demos, one compilation CD appearance and an opening slot at Dynamo with their debut full length for LSP. Referred to as akin to what early Tiamat would compose, Oceans of Sadness is one of those bands which snitches what Pink Floyd might do with metal pieces a la Paradise Lost or other so-called atmospheric units. The band has a good sound and for fans of the above-described mix might prove a valuable suggestion. - Ali "The Metallian"

Aside from how the album title reminds me of a famous Black Sabbath line, the title itself has to be taken with a degree of fate seeing how the only place it is mentioned is the biography. Oceans Of Sadness is one of those European bands that has adopted the K&F (keyboards & Female vocals) into its Tiamat-meets-Paradise Lost brand of music and mixes co-ed vocals with growling and gargling at the same time. There also many quieter moments on the CD. The biography shrewdly calls the band's style 'metal in the unpurest form' which sounds almost right. Fans of the genre will love the 70 minute length of this album, even if the so-called hidden track buried at the end of the CD is the sound of a couple of farts - how romantic.


Oceans Of Sadness