Tiamtü – 2008 - Norma Evangelium Diaboli
Thaumiel – 2012 - Spinefarm
Sol Nox – 2017 – Shadow
Pentagrammaton – 2020 – Shadow
Mysterium Iniquitatis – 2021 - Shadow

Ofermod image
Malign>>Nebiros [Jonas Tengner]>>Malign, Mephorash, Mephorash – Dödfödd, Shades Of Black, Mortuus, Head Of The Demon>>JK/J. Kvarnbrink [Johannes Kvarnbrink]>>Mortuus, Head Of The Demon, Serpent Noir – Teitanblood, Proclamation, Blood Horns>>Moloch>>Teitanblood, Proclamation, Blood Horns – Malign, Mephorash, Mephorash>>Nebiros [Jonas Tengner]>>Malign, Mephorash

Nefandus, Leidungr, Serpent Noir>>MICHAYAH BELFAGOR [MIKA HAKOLA]>>Nefandus, Leidungr, Serpent Noir

Nefandus, Serpent Noir>>Michayah Belfagor [Mika Hakola]>>Nefandus, Serpent Noir – Nattstrype, Angst, Octinomos, Nefandus>>Robin Fjäll>>Octinomos, Nefandus – Tehom [Johannes Kvarnbrink]

Digerdöd, Nahvas>>Simon Samuelsson>>Dripping Horror, Psykoma – Necromorbus, Into Desolation, Dimness, Funeral Mist, In Aeternum, Chaos Omen, Psyconic Excess, Katharsis, Zavorash, Corpus Christii>>Chivah/Necromorbus [Tore Gunnar Stjerna]>>Corpus Christii, Nex

History & Biography
This black metal band has been active since 1996. Someone called Pounding Metal – actually Nebiros’ label - issued the band’s Mystérion Tés Anomias 7” in 1998. It was recorded at Necromorbus Studio whose owner would later join the band. The band disbanded, returned and issued a debut full-length ten years later. Nebiros was on vocals. Devo of Marduk mixed it. The next album was on Finland’s Spinefarm. JK was on vocals. Serpents' Dance was a 2014 7” single.

The band was again a duo for Mysterium Iniquitatis. Nebiros re-joined the band after a ten-year absence in 2021. Ofermod picked up two Black Altar members to begin 2022. Bassist Shadow and guitarist Les joined the band. Nebiros left the vocal position leaving Belfagor as the only member. He would keep live session members. Ofermodian Litanies was a compilation EP of older tracks through Regain Records. Odium Records would issue a split release called Drakonian Elitism in June 2023. The record featured ten new tracks from Ofermod, Acherontas and Black Altar. The act was booked for Forest Fest Open Air part XII in 2024.

The band name translates to ‘hubris ‘in olden Swedish and German. The band’s leader claims he was in and out of prison due to criminal activity resulting in forced periods of inactivity. The band’s music has been self-described as Orthodox black metal to “evil” and has claimed to sometimes be in a state of trance which helps write cosmic lyrics sometimes influenced by Kabbalah.