In The Name Of Chaos – 2016 – Unique Leader
646965 - 2019 - Unique Leader
Rebirth In Black - 2022 - Unique Leader

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Distress>>HIQUI [HEMRIQUE] - Citizen:Hell>>Mischa

Voltmor, Distress, Annulation, Citizen:Hell>>Rafahell [Rafael Wyler]>>Amputate

Stoned Hill, Fragment Of Symmetry>>STEFAN WILD>>Fragment Of Symmetry

History & Biography
The group was founded by Beni and Henrique in 2006 and issued the Devouring Raw Flesh demo in 2008. The group was playing at festivals like Metalcamp. A 2011 demo was called Guilt By Nescience. The group opened for Belphegor. Drummer Lehmä left the band and the group played its record release show with a drum machine. The group played in Russia with its new drummer in 2013. The Switzerland-based death metal band released its In The Name Of Chaos full-length through Unique Leader Records on April 15th. It had just signed the band. The record was engineered at the band’s own studio in Switzerland and mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio in Poland. Incantation kicked off a run of European dates with Morgoth, Darkrise, Methedras and Omophagia in mid-2016, which saw the bands giving shows in Europe, the UK and Russia that April.

RafaHell left in 2023 and continued playing music in Amputate. Mischa also left. The latter reported a preference for less touring and was looking for a new band. Nile, Omophagia , Vapor and Confess were using the Vile Nilotic Rites European Tour 2023 monicker for their trek beginning April 2023. Omophagia and Nile had toured together with Hate Eternal on the Vile Desolate Sands Tour of 2019 as well.

Omophagia refers to the practice of eating raw food. Rafahell was born in Brazil.