Generally speaking very few of the wave after wave of bands which reform and release music should do so. If a band went away in a bout of inactivity or letdown there is little reason to believe a reformed and older band would support anything better - creatively or financially. Let sleeping dogs lie. This advice, of course, is vehemently and overwhelmingly ignored by the hordes of returning acts which cover the gamut of the heavy metal spectrum from Black Sabbath and Accept to Cancer and Cerebral Fix. Naturally, these reformations are artistically barren and only serve to pour some cash into the pockets of the band members and their respective business pimps (a.k.a. management and promoters).
Having said that, the odd regrouping of former heroes and wanna-bes is valid and does indeed bear impressive fruit. The obvious examples are Celtic Frost and Exodus. And speaking of Exodus, it is utterly amazing how close Onslaught 2007 is to the Bay Area Thrashers. From the vocal tone and pitch to the drumming and rapid solos Killing Peace is apparently built on a massive dosage of newer Exodus. The other apparent influence vocally is the former Reverend and Metal Church man David Wayne. It is sad to say, but Bristol, England’s Onslaught has really little to say here musically. A couple of titles and lyrics like Shock’n’Awe, Destroyer Of Worlds and Twisted Jesus are topical, but the band’s music is derivative and uninspired. The mix unreasonably favours the vocals, while the rest of the band manages to thrash hard to little effect.
Killing Peace will probably end up rating higher in the minds of fans than the band’s management-driven union with former Grim Reaper singer Steve Grimmett, but when compared to the mid-'80s heady music of Power From Hell or The Force Killing Peace will be little more than fodder for completists. Fans of Metal Church, Exodus and Overkill with spare change might look into Killing Peace. Most others will probably want to look elsewhere before shelling out cash. - Ali “The Metallian”