Orcustus – 2009 – Southern Lord

Orcustus image
S= Nidingr, Gorgoroth>>Teloch [Morten Bergeton Iversen]>>Gorgoroth, NunFuckRitual, Umoral, 1349, God Seed, The Konsortium, Myrkur, Mayhem - Abattoir, Amok>>TAIPAN [CHRISTER JENSEN]>>Amok
G= Desekrator, Gorgoroth>>Tormentor [Bjørn Olav Telnes]>>Gorgoroth - Abattoir, Amok>>TAIPAN [CHRISTER JENSEN]>>Amok
B= Gorgoroth, Borknagar>>Infernus [Roger Tiegs]>>Gorgoroth
D= 122 Stab Wounds, Gehenna, Nettlecarrier, Enslaved, Secht, Djevel, Tortorum, The Konsortium>>DIRGE REP [PER HUSEBØ]>>Gehenna, Nettlecarrier, Enslaved, Secht, Djevel, Tortorum, The Konsortium

Orcustus is a black metal band that was founded by Taipan, Dirge Rep, Infernus and Tormentor in Bergen in 2002 and only underwent a hiatus in 2008. The band rehearsed and recorded material meant for Abattoir in 2002. The demo was released in 2003. The band signed with Southern Lord and issued a 7” EP, called World Dirtnap, in 2003. Teloch joined in 2004. He left in 2006. Another 7” EP was 2005’s Wrathrash. All was quite until after the reunion, which had Dirge Rep and Taipan remaining in the band. The debut was out in 2009 and re-released by World Terror Committee in 2012. A 2013 cassette compilation was simply called Anthology. Enzifer joined on guitars in 2012.

The monicker was taken from a zine by Faust of Emperor.


The songs here were written over the span of some years ending in 2007 and the band has featured two members of Gorgoroth in Tormentor and Infernus previously. These days Orcustus are a two piece in Taipan of Abattoir fame and Dirge Rep of Enslaved fame. The resulting seven song 42 minute offering is pure black metal with fast sharp riff and scatterings of early thrash influences without any extras to dilute and bore. Coil starts things off and is fast and reasonably heavy with trademark black metal screaming vocals. Just over five minutes later and Orcustus have already left their mark. Of Sophistry Obsession And Paranoia’s foundation are early black metal sounds. The production and sound is like layers of Venom, Bathory and the like lurking somewhere but the song overall is more like a cross between the Pentacle style of death metal and more traditional Norwegian black metal. Conversion, sometimes chaotic sometimes simple, is just black metal. Jesus Christ Patricide is guitar churning heavier black metal, simple and an effective song title too. Death And Dissolution is straightforward in delivery with drums and guitars moving steadily and speedily for almost five minutes. Ego Sum Chaos has a blackened early Kreator like start as a testament on the thrash influence. Asphyxiokenisis closes off and does the job. The cover depicting a sort of amputated body with little else but a womb and groin is simple but striking as well, worth a look and listen. - Anna Tergel