Visceral Infection – 2015 – Horror Pain Gore Death
The Weight Of Being - 2023 - Everlasting Spew

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Vaginal Destruction>>James Stivaly>>Cartoon Violence! – Levels>>Scot Moriarty>>Levels

Vaginal Destruction, Cartoon Violence!>>James Stivaly>>Cartoon Violence! - JEFFREY KNOBLAUCH – Sentience, Mass Extinction>>Thomas Maher>>Mass Extinction

Skuz, Cartoon Violence!>>TREVOR GRAHAM>>Skuz, Cartoon Violence!

Paria, Hayaino Daisuki>>ERIC SCHNEE

History & Biography
This gore/grind band came together in 2013 with James and Jeffrey as founders and had a short demo, simply called Demo, in 2014. James Stivaly left in 2016. 2017 and 2018 brought a couple of splits including one with Birdflesh. The band had a European Tour with France's Department Of Correction and was booked for Obscene Extreme festival in 2018.

Everlasting Spew Records signed the band in late 2021. A record was expected in 2022. The group released The Weight Of Being through Everlasting Spew Records on July 28th 2023. The band worked through adversity as guitarist Jeff and drummer Eric’s apartment burned down in June. Singer Scot Moriarty had been replaced by Chris Ward in the meantime. The act toured with Meth Leppard and later with Cartilage.

The band has played at Montreal Earslaughter, Full Terror Assault and Maryland Deathfest.



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