Ten-Eyed Nemesis – 2005 - Rupture
Kinetic Zero – 2007 - Rupture
Fuck God – Disease Process – 2009 - Rupture
No God, No Satan – 2010 – Underground Activists/Season Of Mist
Heretic Live – 2011 – Built To Rock
Apex Terror – 2013 – Listenable
Xeno Kaos – 2015 – Katoxin
20 Years Of Human Termination – 2021 - Xenokorp

S= Sworn, XXX, Regarde Les Hommes Tomber>>DAGOTH [ULRICH WEGRICH]>>Regarde Les Hommes Tomber
G= Volker>>DAGOTH [ULRICH WEGRICH]>>Volker – Kernuun>>Hyrgal, Marble Chariot – Astraroth – Kwashiorkor>>Void [Thomas Fringart]>>Primal Age - Cave Growl, Nightcreepers>>HINDRIK A.S. [ARNAUD STEFANAKIS]>>Nightcreepers
B= Blazpheme, Kause 4 Konflikt, Psoriasis>>XXX [Alexandre Rebecq]>>Blazpheme, Kause 4 Konflikt, Psoriasis - Sunken, Demented, Dreamland 51, Volker>>MANU PLISZKE>>Demented, Dreamland 51, Volker
D= Lord Mysterium [Etienne]>>Cryptic Grave – Arkhamian [Thibaut Meunier]>>Hyrgal – Artefact, Hamburger Alien, Spheric Universe Experience>>Ranko [Nicolas Muller]>>Artefact, Svart Crown, Kragens, Eon – Diskarial, Withdrawn, Annthennath, Malevolentia>>Thyr [Julien Helwin]>>Malevolentia, Withdrawn, Horncrowned, Iron Flesh

This Bordeaux-based band does not appreciate religion much and has proven so since inception by Dagoth in 2001. Conqueror, Conqueror…Destroyer was a 2002 demo. Then Deadsun issued an EP called Codex 666 – Infernal Legions Strike. Rupture Music of France issued the Ten-Eyed Nemesis in 2005. Dark New Age would reissue the album in 2009. The band toured Brazil in 2009. Heretic Live was recorded in the band’s hometown. XXX left after 12 years in 2013. Otargos announced Michaël Martin (ex-Exocrine and ex-Fleshdoll) as its new drummer as of the spring of 2019. Otargos changes drummers regularly. The band had an album called Xeno Kaos in 2015, but went quiet for years. The band had a live album called 20 Years Of Human Termination through XenoKorp in 2021. It was recorded at L’Aéronef in Lille, France, during the KaotoxinFest #II in December 2015.

The band has opened for Watain, Seth, Enthroned and others over the years.