Black Clouds – 1988 – Polydor
Blind To Reality – 1989 – Polydor
The Great Blue – 1990 - Polydor
The Final Day – 1991 – Polydor
Spit – 1993 – Mmg/Warner
Life Until Deaf – 1995 – Warner
Who We Are – 1997 - Warner
24-7 – 2002 – 30 Min.Live & Rare Vol. 1 – 2003 – 30 Min.
Cause For Pause – 2004 – Victor
Awakening – 2008 – 2008 - Victor
Outrage – 2009 - Victor
Live! – Rise And Shine – 2010 - Victor
Outraged – 2013 – Thunderball667
Genesis I – 2015 – Virgin
Raging Out – 2017 – Universal
Run Riot – 2020 - Universal

Outrage image
Naoki Hashimoto – Yoshihiro Yasui – Yousuke Abe - NAOKI HASHIMOTO

Paul Di’Anno>>YOUSUKE ABE>>Paul Di’Anno

Paul Di’Anno>>YOSHIHIRO YASUI>>Paul Di’Anno

Cerebrus, Paul Di’Anno>>SHINYA TANGE>>Cerebrus, Paul Di’Anno

History & Biography
Several other Outrages have come and gone in the metal scene, and there has been a trio of good films with the same name in Japan, but this band has been in action in Nagoya central Japan since 1982. The band’s early line-up was Kazutoyo Ito on the mike, Yosuke Abe on guitar, Yoshihiro Yasui on bass and drummer Shinya Tange. The band started life playing NWOBHM cover versions. Kouji Niwa arrived in 1983 and left two years later. The band played covers. Ito left in 1986. Naoki Hashimoto was the new man, and was heard on the 1986 demo, and lasted until 1998, but returned in 2007 supposedly to commemorate the band’s twentieth anniversary for a show at Club Citta in Kawasaki, Japan. He stayed. In-between the members split the vocal duties and took on a mellower tone. The singer was heard again on Awakening 2008. Otherwise, the band has been remarkably stable. The band and Anthem shared management in the early days.

The band issued a 12” MLP called Outrage in 1987. The band issued it on its own imprint Pile Driver Records. This constituted the B-side of the band’s 1997 compilation, It’s Packed. The band’s debut was issued by major label Polydor in 1988. It displayed the band’s Metallica influences. The 1991 album The Final Day was produced by Accept’s Stefan Kaufman at Dierks Studio. A 1991 compilation was called Outrageous Compilation. The group supported Pantera in Japan in 1992. Who We Are and Life until Deaf were produced by Michael Wagner. True to its name We Suck! You Suck! Outrage Re-Mix was a 1998 techno remix CD. Outrage toured Japan with Children Of Bodom in 2008. The band was part of the line-up for Loud Park festival in 2009. The group appeared at Thrash Domination 2010 with Overkill, Exodus and Agent Steel and others. The act was at Studio Fredman with producer Fredrik Nordström recording a new album in winter of 2013. Outraged was envisioned as an extension of its predecessor, the Outrage album. Raging Out completed the trilogy. Hypocrisy’s Peter Tägtgren mixed this album. Outrage was part of Loud-Out Fest with Loudness in 2015. The band held its own 30th anniversary called Gokuaku-sai. The members of Outrage and United backed Paul Di’Anno in Japan in 2016. The former Iron Maiden singer was in a wheelchair. A 2019 single commemorated the 40th anniversary of NWOBHM and featured covers of Jaguar and Angel Witch. Newer Guilty Gear games, like Strive, featured singer Hashimoto and even a weapon called Outrage.

Outrage commemorated its 35th anniversary by releasing a CD/DVD compilation and a movie called Hagane Neiro No Sora No Kanata He in 2022, which featured a biographical script. The CD/DVD included older and new songs. Outrage had a live video for the song Fangs accompanied by an orchestra to end 2022. The footage was taken from the band’s 35th anniversary show from early 2022. The song itself was taken from The Final Day album of 1991.