Evilution Hour - 2006 - Candlelight

Paganize image
Channel 1, Arcana, Close Race, Winterstrain>>GEIR HELGE FREDHEIM>>Winterstrain, Spider, Sun Flowers

Dirty Deeds, Dirty Dudes>>THOMAS ROKNE>>7th Helleveen – Illusion Suite>>STIAN MAUSETHAGEN>>Illusion Suite, Iron Made ’Em, Midnight Ministers

Moonchild>>TOR-OLAV SELTVEIT>>Moonchild, Iron Made’ Em

Enslaved, Emperor, Imperium, Old Man's Child, Satyricon, Ceremony, Zyklon>>TRYM TORSON {KAI JOHNNY SOLHEIM MOSAKER]>>Emperor, Zyklon, Satyricon, Abigail Williams, Satyricon, Nader Sadek, God Of Atheists

History & Biography
The Fire In Ice demo of 2003 was issued by the band a year after formation. The boys had begun life playing Iron Maiden and Judas Priest cover versions. Demo 2005 was next and still featured a trio. The band appeared at the Motstøy '05 festival. The group played in Oslo, Norway with Angry Brew. The band signed with Candlelight – with whom Torson had worked before - and released its sole album at the end of 2006. The act featured two guitarists now. The album’s cover artwork was meant to represent the state of the music business and pop music. The act disappeared then with members being busy in half a dozen other projects apiece.


In the war of metal bands for domination and respectability Norway’s Paganize is going to fare somewhere near the middle. Paganize features the drumming of Trym better known for his work in Emperor, Enslaved and Zyklon. This, however, is neither a black metal band nor even particularly extreme as far as metal bands go. The drumming itself is hardly speedy or dominant. Rather, the emphasis is on the vocals of Geir Helge Fredheim. It is here that the man’s nearly shrilly screams and out-of-control screams limit the enjoyment derived from the band. Admittedly, the band becomes more tolerable upon repeated listens and the musicians’ riffs and leads come to the fore and improve the listener’s outlook of Paganize, but it is genuinely difficult to get over the vocals. Nevertheless, Evilution Hour has its fair share of Maiden-esque riffery. Other notable influences are Queensrÿche and Fates Warning. Yet, above all, Paganize reminds one of the old Wild Rags band, Arcane.
Paganize might betray its roots with that monicker, but most of all the band is akin to a US progressive metal band, albeit with average material that nonetheless improves with repeat listens. - Ali “The Metallian”