Mark Of The Devil - 2003 - Primitive Art/Iron Pegasus
Pagan Metal - Roars Of The Anti Christ - 2006 - Atolinga
Hellcome Back From Hell - 2009 - Atolinga/Morbid Metal
Embrace The Torments Of Hell - 2010 - Atolinga/Iron, Blood And Death Corporation
Absurd End Of The World - 2020 - Iron, Blood And Death Corporation
Survival Of The Antichrist Nation - 2020 - Take This Torch
Storm The Gate Of Necromicron - 2022 - Iron, Blood And Death Corporation

Autopsy Torment, Tristitia, Helotry, Lordz Of The Grief, Solo, Ajatus, Beneath Slumber>>DEVIL LEE ROT/DEVIL XXX [THOMAS KARLSSON]>>Autopsy Torment, Tristitia, Helotry, Lordz Of The Grief, Solo, Ajatus, Beneath Slumber

Angel Goat, Presence, Evoked Curse, Seventh Sight, Monkey Mush, Goatsodomy, Devil Lee Rot, Sacrificial Dagger>>Sado-Harri [Harri Juvonen]>>Evoked Curse, Goatsodomy, Devil Lee Rot, Satanic Torment, Sacrificial Dagger, Apocalyptor - Devil Lee Rot, Autopsy Torment, Kill>>Hora 666>>Devil Lee Rot, Autopsy Torment, Kill

Nifelheim, Treblinka, Necronaut, The Dagger>>Tyrant [Jon Carl Erik Gustafsson]>>Nifelheim, Treblinka, Necronaut, The Dagger - Karnarium, Devil Lee Rot, Church Bizarre>>Hora 666>>Karnarium, Devil Lee Rot, Church Bizarre

Nifelheim>>Hellbutcher [Per Ola Arne Gustafsson]>>Nifelheim, Treblinka, Necrocurse, Necronaut, Dead Kosmonaut - Funeral, Karnarium>>C.J. Sodomizer [C.S. Johansson]>>Karnarium, Cerekloth, Saltas, Gravfraktal

History & Biography
Pagan Rites is a black and thrash metal act that was founded in 1992. Promo 1992, Through The Gates Of Hell, Pagan Rites and Frost were a few of the early demos. Hail Victory! was a 1994 single through Molon Lave. The act was put on ice until the year 2000 and had a demo called Live Smedjan 14/9/00. A demo or two later, came the debut album Mark Of The Devil. Hellcome Back From Hell was recorded live in Denmark in 2006. The band spent several years again on ice until 2020 when releases came with a vengeance. Born Again was an appropriate title for a 2020 demo. The band issued half a dozen demos with the regularity of bullshit out of Donald’s Trump’s mouth. Pagan Rites and Vulcan Tyrant had a split release through Horror Pain Gore Death in 2023.

The act became the solo project of Thomas Karlsson with its second or third re-birth.