Turmoil – 2004 – Megamania
Fearrage – 2006 – Megamania
Purgatory Of The Second Sun – 2007 –Megamania
Incarcerated – 2012 - Spinefarm

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History & Biography
The band came together in 2002 and had a demo in 2003. Megamania signed the band. Pain Confessor issued its second album, entitled Fearrage, on March 3rd, 2006 through Megamania. The band and Amoral toured Japan in 2006. Purgatory Of The Second Sun entered the Finnish charts. The band played at the 2007 edition of the Sauna Open Air festival. Wesleyer was let go. Tommi Kurki, who had engineered the band’s early music, joined in 2008, but left in 2010 without recording anything with the act. Demos 2008 and 2009 followed the third album. Megamania had essentially ceased being active. The Finnish melodic death metal act released an album, called Incarcerated, through Spinefarm Records on October 12th 2012. Incarcerated entered the Finnish charts. Drummer Mikko Laihanen left the band in this year. Tomy Laisto joined on guitar in 2013. Janne Mikael Manninen became the drummer. Mikko Kivistö joined Omnium Gatherum in 2020.


Pain Confessor is a relatively young Finnish band whose first release on Megamania is the current CD-single featuring the songs Poor Man's Crown and Lake Of Regret. The band is Finnish and, yes, does include a keyboardist, but it is not all bad. The band mixes plenty of heaviness and aggression into its Gothenburg-influenced thrash fest. Shades of Dark Tranquility and Children Of Bodom can be heard on both songs, as the band mixes heaviness and melody along with screamed and regular vocals. The aforementioned keyboardist is kept in the background too which is a positive. Pain Confessor is shortly releasing a full-length. This is rather good stuff. - Ali "The Metallian"

The prospects for the new Pain Confessor release seemed not good given the presence of a keyboardist. There was a surprise in store though, for Turmoil benefited from good riffs, aggressive music and a very competent singer. Furthermore, the band has wisely decided to relegate the keyboards to a strictly background status which often translates to no keyboards at all on a given song. In contrast, bassist Mikko has achieved a superbly distorted and blazing sound and on songs like Waste Of Good Suffering and Just Names Remain, to cite two examples, takes the songs to the next level. Given that fact and the thrashing aggression Pain Confessor's new album has indeed turned out to be a very good one. Fans of the Gothenburg sound will love it and were it not for the occasional synthesizer and clean vocalizing Turmoil would have been perfect. Still, this is a recommended album. - Ali "The Metallian"


Pain Confessor