Spreading The Message – 1999 – Lost Disciple
Personal Demon – 2003 – Lost Disciple
Riven – 2005 – Metal Age
Feet Of Anger – 2009 – War Anthem
At The Gates Of Nihilism – 2015 - Mighty

Pandemia image
Michal Barta – Casage, Cutterred Flesh>>JIRKA KRŠ>>Casage, Cutterred Flesh

Hypnos>>Alex Marek>>Hypnos - Vlastislav "Vlasta" Slíž>>Tuborg - Cutterred Flesh, I Warned You>>VITALIJ NOVÁK>>Cutterred Flesh, I Warned You

Lightlost, Giwmür>>JAROSLAV "JARDA" FRIEDRICH>>Lightlost, Giwmür

Tom Brtnik – Pavel Kouba>>Lightlost – Lightlost>>PAVEL KOUBA

History & Biography
In existence since 1995 these death metallers have issued multiple demos and albums. Prach Na Očich or ‘Dirt In The Eye’ was the debut demo stemming from 1995. Dance In Vicious Circle followed in 1997. This demo was also half of a split release with Exhumace. A demo called The Message From Death Metal Empire appeared next. Lost Disciple signed the band and issued the debut record Spreading The Message in 1999. A tour with Vader and another with Vital Remains and Fleshcrawl followed. Riven’s title track was also a video for the act. The band secured various South American licensees for the record. The band’s 2007 video Pandemic Mission To Latin America featured Demonic Latin American Tour 2003 and Pandemic South American Tour 2005.


Based out of Czech Republic, Spreading.. is the debut full length of Pandemia (age:5) and one that is certainly committed to the genre. Menacing vocals, fast-style riffing, drum blasts and other characteristics come together to prove that the band is not of two minds about their chosen style - if a little unoriginal about it. The closest comparison would be Vader (although watch for some Pestilence on track 12) with whom the band is coincidentally touring. Euro-fans can also see the band on the road with Vital remains and Fleshcrawl but over in Canada it's you and this disc. - Ali "The Metallian"

Yes, Riven features a couple of offbeat passages and tracks, like Legion Beneath or Dispirited, but the band’s death metal is advanced, textured and extraordinary song after song; riff after riff. In Riven, an album which lyrically engages in “attacking the principles of a material world”, the four-piece takes brutality to a higher echelon of talent writhing in sinful riffs, whirlwind drumming and sub-fi vocals; envelopes it in a massive wall of sound to near-perfect results. The album was recorded a year ago and guitarist Alex is already a past tense, but this nonetheless belongs in every serious death metal collection. The only weak interlude occurs in the first half of the song The Outbreak, but even that flies by and is offset before the end of the track.
Best described as a cross between Morbid Angel and the density and low tuning of Bolt Thrower the Czech band checkmates the competition with surprising ease. This almost came out of nowhere, but with music this dark, heavy and thoughtful there is only cause for glee. - Ali “The Metallian”