Metallian panel Discussion: Women In The Underground – 08.2009

Women In The Underground
-Introduce yourself. -How did you get into the heavier end of the music? -Is it an advantage or a disadvantage being a female in metal? -Is the visual aspect of being a female a tool in the promotion of your music? -Do you have any funny instances or memories relating to being a woman and being involved in music? -Why can’t women drive and why do they insist to?
-Belita -Satanic Corpse –

-Hails! My name is Belita Adair. My music project is Satanic Corpse. I create extreme black metal, death music. -I started playing piano when I was a child of two years old. This was done without lessons, as I would go into a sort of trance. It then became apparent I was doing Demonic channelling while I played and sang. I was also playing the guitar soon after. The music became darker and darker as I got older so in a way the music grew with me into the evil it is today. -Disadvantage… I just want my music to be seen as my music not a woman’s music, not a man’s music and not a monkey’s music… just freaking music. Gender is far too over-rated. Hey, I love being what I am, but it only goes as far as the body is concerned. Music goes a whole lot deeper and sometimes you need to go deeper. -I do not promote music. I play music. I was dead once. I came back to life and the music got more dead sounding after that and some people like it… like I like to play it. I look like me. To some I am pretty, to some I am ugly. I just look like myself and will live my life as long as I can. -Funniest thing, when I played the Rox show in Vegas my guitar got miked by the sound person through a bass drum microphone with a crazy amount of bass on it. This only happened to my guitar. I will never forget the shocked looks I got when the guitar went booooooom. It was a weird sound, but a fun night anyway. I now do my own sound if I do a show. -OK, I do not drive. I do not try to drive. I would kill myself and maybe another person if I drove, but my sister is an expert driver. She has driven well her whole life.
-Miss Randall – Rusty Eye –

-I’m Miss Randall, drummer and vocalist of the metal trio Rusty Eye. -I got into Rock music at an early age, but in my teens I found out that I needed something heavier to fulfill my needs and I got introduced to the
underground European Metal. Being raised in Mexico City helped to build a strong character in me, a truly devoted place to the subculture.
-If you use it as a gimmick, if you want to be just the token member, well it may as well work wonders in your advantage! It’s easy to promote yourself
as the ‘hottest chick in metal’ just to get press and attention, but when you are promoting that you can ‘actually play’ it’s a different ballgame.
I’m here to tear down walls, not to embrace pre-established old ways.
-We may use it as one of the many assets to set ourselves apart from other bands, but it’s just another element. It is not the main thing. -This is a typical conversation with a person that I just met: “So you are in a band? Way Cool! So you must be the singer!” Ergh… wrong!
Front of house engineers also are a true hassle when it comes to playing without a sound check. The first song usually doesn’t get a good mix because
they don’t know first that I’m singing, and second, that I hit as hard as a dude (grins)!
-I don’t know man. We have to get to places too, but I get your point. Most of them aren’t that brilliant behind the wheel.
-Amy Schugar – Amy Schugar –

-Amy Schugar. -I am not sure. It could have been my first Kiss Record. And Rob Halford’s voice inspires anyone. -It depends on the situation. For ‘circus’ type of acts, it is a showstopper. For keeping and gaining respect, working with other guys and not coming off as a bitch to them and keeping them in line, that part can be tricky. You have your A and your B for the whole thing. -It can be. However in my case, I refuse to show too much skin and make it about the sex aspect, so holding the attention must be because of the music or what the song says lyrically. -Not that I can think of. -I recognize the half humor in the question! Being a car buff person myself, I do not know how to answer.
-Lynda Siewicz – Hemoragy –

-Hello! My name is Lynda Siewicz, metalhead with a rock ‘n roll mind and I play the fucking bass in Hemoragy, heavy/thrash since 2002! -I was walking on the streets one old day and saw a bookstore, which sold several magazines in the shop’s window. I picked one up with Iron Maiden on the cover and then the salesman with the ruffled hair appeared asking me: “What do you wanna do in your life?” I answered: “I wanna Rock!” -Metal is timeless and unisex! Only the spirit counts! Nevertheless, a female metal musician is indeed a bit rare; and I talk about ‘true’ musicians and not only Barbies! -NO! I don’t sell my body for any kind of promotion for Hemoragy. We are all thrashers and that’s all! -Yeah, for example, one day I was hanging around in the back stage area, and a guy stopped me and said, “No, this area is for musicians only, not for groupies!” I kicked his ass!! -What is this stupid question? Maybe I don’t understand because I’m blond? Too easy! So easy! However, almost every night I drive the “Hemo Truck” to come back home and safely, with lots of drunkard metalheads within it! Unless being blind, everyone can drive! I(d) ride motorbike, horses, cars and I’ll drive you to hell!