Stainless – 2004 – New South Metal

S= Defiance, Blount, Deadwood, Dark Star Coven>>SHANE RENEAUX>>Dark Star Coven
G= Condensor>>JASON DAVIS - Myck McClung
B= Todd The Viking

The Florida, USA-based doom/sludge group was founded by bassist Todd The Viking in 1995 and issued a two-song demo in 1996, the Parabellum demo in 1997 and an EP called Ammo in 1999. Vocalist Shane Reneaux (ex-Defiance, Blount and Deadwood) joined the band in 1996 after original singer James Sutton moved to New Orleans. Drummer Ben Poffenberger (ex-The Keep) took over in 1999 when original drummer Dimitri Largious left due to the touring conflict. The group toured South-eastern USA in 2000. The band added a second guitarist to its ranks in 2001. He was a friend and part-time roadie, Jason Davis (ex-Condensor). Jeremiah Hatcher (ex-Rotfest) replaced original guitarist Myck McClung in 2004.

The band has opened for the likes of Crowbar and Krabathor. New South Metal is the band’s imprint.


Is New South Metal an affiliate of Southern Lord Recording? No, don't think so, although Parabellum would fit on the latter label. Hailing from the sludges of Florida, the self-professed swamp metal band grinds away at the speed of doom, sludge and smoked hog to riffs made famous by Black Sabbath, Down, Solitude Aeternus and Eyehategod. Parabellum is not necessarily slow, although these exist, but the band's doom metal affair is a sordid compilation of dirges that will weigh on the listener like a tone of bricks. There is little shiny or pristine here for an album called Stainless. Instead, the vocals are harsh, malevolent and often growled, the music is heavy and angry and the band... well they don't exactly look pretty. The album begins with a patented Black Sabbath riff and ends with a song called Pacifier which does just that to lesser mortals. Why expect anything else in between? - Ali "The Metallian"