World Of Sin – 1995 – Blue Merle
The Final Command – 1998 – B.O.
Chalice Of Steel – 1999 – B.O.
Steelbound – 2001 – Remedy
Law Of The Blade – 2002 – Remedy
The Dark Legacy – 2003 – Remedy
Revenge – 2005 – Remedy
Forgotten Prophecies – 2007 – Remedy
Screenslaves – 2008 - Massacre
Force Of Destruction – 2012 – Napalm
Hell Beyond Hell – 2016 - Remedy
Controlled Demolition – 2019 - Massacre

Paragon image
Kay Carstens>>Bon Scott – Vice Versa, Minotaur>>ANDREAS BABUSCHKIN

Kneipenterroristen>>Martin Christian>>Kneipenterroristen - Bäd Influence>>Daniel Görner – Fated>>Claudius Cremer>>Opalessence – Non Skid, Powerslave>>Günter Kruse>>Powerslave, Black Hawk – Crystal Shark>>Wolfgang Tewes>>Black Hawk – Kneipenterroristen>>MARTIN CHRISTIAN>>Kneipenterroristen - Arctic Fields, Rapid Angel>> JAN BERTRAM>>Rapid Angel – Non Skid, Black Hawk, Powerslave>>GÜNTER KRUSE

Dirk Sturzbecher – Asmodis, Black Laws, Erosion>>Jan Bünning - Tragedian>>Dirk Seifert-Doelves>>Desert Storm, Rapid Angel, Sabbath Judas Sabbath - Black Laws, Erosion>>JAN BÜNNING

Desert Storm>>Kay Neuse – Electric Ei>>Markus Corby>>Temple Of The Absurd, Electric Ei – Meat Shop>>Christian Gripp>>Torment, Rapid Angel – Buried In Black>>SÖREN TECKENBURG

History & Biography
Paragon was founded by guitar player and main songwriter Martin Christian (a.k.a. Martin Wöbcke) in 1990. He did miss the Force Of Destruction album nevertheless. Chris Barena was the early singer. The heavy/speed metallers issued the Enter The Crypt and Maelstrom Of Decline demos in 1992 and 1993 respectively. The Into The Black demo of 1994 was the band’s cue to a record deal. Blue Merle/Tricolor issued the group’s debut in the summer of 1995. As early as the second album the band’s pattern of changing and overhauling its membership was established, although the next few records were a period of stability for the act.

The group played at Wacken Open Air Festival in 2004. The band moved to Massacre Records in 2008, which meant even less publicity. Larger Than Life was an EP and issued by Massacre Records in 2008. Paragon released its 2008 album, entitled Screenslaves, on November 14th through Massacre Records. The CD was produced by Uwe Lullis who had worked with Grave Digger and others. Jan Bünning left in 2007 and returned in 2009. Günter Kruse also left in 2009 and returned in 2016 as a live setting musician only. Martin Christian left in 2010 and returned in 2015. The German Metal Attack Tour with Grave Digger took place October/November 2013. Soon enough the band switched to Napalm Records. Sooner enough the band returned to Remedy. Paragon toured Spain in 2018. The band was with Massacre in 2019. The label offered the group a contract at Bang Your Head in 2017. Paragon played at Fuck Cancer Festival in Ahrensburg and headlined Headbangers Night XVI in 2019. The band was selling masks in 2020.


Paragon defines heavy metal. The German band and its latest album Revenge are exact models for what heavy metal is and what every metal band should do. Song after song on Revenge exemplifies the spirit, riffs and patterns of this superior art form. The band's rhythm section is very much in the vein of Accept, as heard on songs like Symphony Of Pain, while the throaty vocals rekindle memories of vintage Accept or Faithful Breath. The band's does go up tempo often which takes the band into Hammerfall territory, but with a grittier singer up front Paragon is more Risk or Grave Digger and less Hammerfall or Dream Evil vocally. The solos are not as many as a fan would like, but the lead guitars shine wherever they appear. The Battle Rages On, The Art Of War and the slower song Empire Of The Lost are prime examples. Speaking of slower songs, Beyond The Veil is a prime example of how to deliver a pounding slab of molten steel. The band deems it wise to cover Manowar's The Gods Made heavy Metal and while one cannot argue with the title, the connotations of the original composers is something the Germans can probably do without.
Everything Paragon does is done right and fans of undefiled and genuine heavy metal really need look no further. This is smashing stuff. - Ali "The Metallian"