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The Kindred – 1988 – Steamhammer
Blaze Of Obscurity – 1989 – Steamhammer

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History & Biography
Pariah was initially Satan before becoming Blind Fury before Satan clawing its way back in there before Pariah claiming victory and again before Satan finally won! All hail Satan! But first Pariah…

Pariah – Kindred was also considered as a monicker - lead a lonesome and thrashy existence in 1988 and 1989 before being dropped, disbanding and losing members to Skyclad. The Kindred was not issued in the band’s home country and the act focused on continental Europe. The group and the label clashed over money and the band disbanded after SPV dumping them. The band returned in 1997 and that did not last either. The band had a 1997 demo called Unity, which was self-produced four years earlier. Ian McCormack was the drummer and Alan Hunter of Tysondog was the singer. Hunter had done backing vocals on Court in The Act of Satan. The team effectively regrouped as Satan in 2004. Pariah essentially was missing singer Brian Ross from Satan as Blind Fury and Satan swapped singers.