Revelation Is Denied - 2004 – Great White North
Scars Of The Art – 2007 – Prodisk

B= Yan Racicot
D= Damn Nation>>Franck Camus>>Hybreed Chaos

Several paroxysms have attacked the scene over the years. This one hailed from French Canada and was active between 1996 and 2016. Drummer Camus was a student of Flo of Cryptopsy. A local label issued the band’s debut in 2004. The man responsible for this label would also issue the band’s second record at another label. The band opened for the likes of Skinless and Cryptopsy. Racicot had departed by the time Scars Of The Art was issued. The group appeared at Quvillon Metalfest in Canada. Leng Tch’e, Krisiun and Paroxysm banded together for a tour of Canada in late October and November 2008. The band issued a bunch of old songs as a demo called Voracité in 2014. Florent Bouchy of Cortisol and Body Serpent was on drums.


It is gratifying to be in 2007 and hear an honest-to-badness death metal band again. Montreal, Canada’s Paroxysm’s second album, Scars of The Art, is the type of true death metal album that completely skirts the standardized crossover/hardcore/metalcore tendencies, as well as the so-called melodic death metal elements of lesser mortals in favour of an unadulterated brutal delivery that owes much to early Sinister, false-era Gorefest and speedy American death metal like Pyrexia.
Scars Of The Art goes from brutal heavy riffing to blasting explosions of guitar, bass and drums at the drop of a hat. The band is tight, practised and sure-footed and is clearly abetted by the guttural grunts and deep growls of its singer. If anything the band’s semi-technical death metal is weakest in the drum sound department, although clever sound engineering is not hard to find here. The band’s variety in speeds, tempos and sounds only functions within the limits of scaring ability and never veers into 2007-isms. While the band’s music is largely its own and well developed the slow riff on Falling Into Utopia, for instance, is clearly copied from Sinister’s Bastard Saints. It is easy to spot.
Paroxysm is here to remind everyone what death metal is all about, why Montreal is always a cut above and why Iron Maiden soloing, clean vocals or stupidity have their place in this world, but should stay out of death metal. The world needs more bands like Paroxysm and Paroxysm needs more songs like Opening Of The Wounds.- Ali “The Metallian”