Fascination Of Indifference – 1994 - Baron
Accustomed To Illusion – 1996 – Morbid Noizz
Crude – 1999 – Jackhammer
Ill-Treat – 2001 - Surgical Diathesis
Kingdom Of Downfall – 2003 – Mad Lion
Patogen – 2005 – Mad Lion
Sometimes It's Better To Be Blind And Deaf – 2015 – Mad Lion

Parricide image
Młody [Mariusz Staniuk] - Melancholy Cry>>Tadeusz ‘Tadek’ Jankowski>>Melancholy Cry - Tukasz Zając>>F.A.M. - Michał "Prosiak" Wójcik>>Ass To Mouth - Straight Hate>>KUBA BREWCZYŃSKI>>Straight Hate, Dira Mortis


Młody [Mariusz Staniuk] – Melancholy Cry>>Tadeusz ‘Tadek’ Jankowski>>Melancholy Cry, Teratosis – Climate>>TUKASZ "POPIÓŁ" POPIELNICKI

Racha [Artur Raszka] – Climate, Melancholy Cry>>Juja [Tomasz Łuć]>>Melancholy Cry – Abusiveness, Deivos, Moon, Dira Mortis, Ulcer, Blaze Of Perdition, Squash Bowels, Christ Agony>>KRZYSZTOF "VIZUN" SARAN>>Abusiveness, Deivos, Moon, Dira Mortis, Ulcer, Blaze Of Perdition, Graveland, Squash Bowels, Christ Agony, Straight Hate

History & Biography
Evidently there are many metal musicians who want to kill their fathers, or at least comment on it, and this particular bunch from Poland was no exception between 1990 and 2015. The group rose from the ashes of Kreuzer and Lokis. The band tried on every singer and drummer in Poland during this period. The band’s mainstays were its guitarists. Mariusz Staniuk wrote lyrics. Singer Mlody left in 1997. The band issued a couple of demos like 1993’s Unnailed before graduating to albums. The debut was issued by Polish label Baron Records (Christ Agony, Vader, etc.). A further demo leads to a deal with Morbid Noizz. Empire re-issued Ill-Treat with new cover artwork in 2002. Brutal Surgeons Tour 2003 Part II had the band touring with Deformed in 2003. The band also took part at the Obscene Extreme Festival in Czech Republic in 2003. Patogen featured three vocalists.


Could it be that this writer who is not getting it? Patogen has the title and photography that spells out pathology and zoology, yet the lyrics all hint at psychology, fear, horrors and neuroticism. Even the intro is the sound of a bee buzzing around. Did the band move on from physical horrors to mental ones and the artwork was slow to react? They do have a song called Politics too and its lyrics read like beat poetry. There will be no honours for guessing what the band’s sound is though. There is a dosage of death metal worship here but the bulk of the band’s material is grindcore of the slow-fast-medium pace variety. The snorting growler upfront and the hyper-distorted guitars ride atop of a semi-Ok drumming and collectively they grindcore the opposition to oblivion. For fun’s sake, presumably, the Polish member shifters throw in a couple of technical jazzcore moments too in order to rock the nation (or something). For cliché’s sake, the album contains a cover version of Benediction’s Subconscious Terror. - Anna Tergel