Promises In Blood – 2005 – Metal Blade
The End Of The Hour – 2007 – Metal Blade

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Corpsegrinder, Monstrosity, Cannibal Corpse, Serpentine Dominion>>GEORGE “CORPSEGRINDER” FISHER>>Cannibal Corpse, Serpentine Dominion, Voodoo Gods

Jay Fossen – Promethean Horde, From Blood And Burning, BlightMass>>JACK GOODWIN>>Promethean Horde, From Blood And Burning, BlightMass

Silhaven, From Blood And Burning>>Randy Butman>>From Blood And Burning

Promethean Horde, From Blood And Burning, Dark Faith>>NICK GOODYEAR>>Promethean Horde, From Blood And Burning, Dark Faith, Imperial Conquest

History & Biography
This Tampa, Florida, USA-based band played death metal beginning 1999 and just went away at some point. Richard Brunelle, formerly of Morbid Angel, was part of the founding line-up until 2004. George “Corpsegrinder” took over the vocals from Butman in 2003. It was its debut release, but the Legacy In Ashes demo came in 2000. The band went into a hiatus for a while. Splattergod Records issued a Dark Faith and Paths Of Possession split in 2003. Brian Ridley, formerly of Necrotomy, drummed between 2002 and 2004 here.

Goodyear later joined that band. Having signed to Metal Blade Records the band issued its debut in late 2005. The End Of The Hour was a concept album regards the travails of a man who becomes a demigod. Nick Goodyear opened a space called Death N Decay Studios. The group planned to record in 2008, but nothing came out of the announcement. Three members were in From Blood And Burning. The group was also planning a new full-length in 2011. Jesse Jolly joined on bass in 2014. The band played Swarmfest in 2016. Brunelle died in 2019.

Several members were busy with Promethean Horde, but promised new music in 2023.


Memory Burn starts off this George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher-fronted quintet’s latest. The style is akin to melodic, mid-paced death metal that is often associated with the European scene. There are some Malevolent Creation like moments thrown in as well. Jay Fossen and Jack Goodwin’s guitar work provides most of the melody in counter to the vocals which are a slightly toned down, cleaner version of GF’s work on Monstrosity and Cannibal Corpse. Randy Butman’s bass sound is ever present adding another dimension to the solid rhythm of the 10 songs. Songs like I Am Forever, In Offering Of Spite and Pushing Through The Pass like all the others show varying influences by Death, Bolt Thrower, Malevolent Creation, Obituary, Thanatos and Loudblast just to name a not so few. The End Of The Hour is neither exceptional nor original but it doesn’t resort to the non-metal and that is commendable in itself. - Anna Tergel


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