Reach For The Scars - 2022 - MDD
My Veneration - 2023 - MDD/Golden Core

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Hades, Non-Fiction, #9, Dukes/Lorenzo, Solo, The Cursed, Vessel Of Light, Cassius King>>DAN LORENZO>>Hades, Dukes/Lorenzo, Solo, Vessel Of Light, Cassius King


Type O Negative, Black Water Rising, Seventh Void, Danzig, Black Label Society, Seven Witches, The Alien Blakk, Eye AM, Kill Devil Hill, Silvertomb, A Pale Horse Named Death, Quiet Riot>>JOHNNY KELLY>>Danzig, The Alien Blakk, Eye AM, Kill Devil Hill, Silvertomb, Quiet Riot

History & Biography
The stoner/southern/metal side-project of Dan Lorenzo (the right-winger from Hades and Non-Fiction) and Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative, Danzig and Quiet Riot) recorded its music and handed it to MDD for release in the summer 2022. Coincidentally, both Danzig and Hades had worked with sound engineer and producer Steve Ett previously. The band uploaded a cover version of Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song next before releasing My Veneration, which did not contain the song. The record featured many guests including members of Dog Eat Dog and COC. A vinyl version came through Golden Core. The album featured a cover of Queen’s Dragon Attack. Hades had its second album rereleased by Golden Core to start 2024 given how Lorenzo was working with the band for Patriarchs In Black. Golden Core also released a Non-Fiction compilation.



Patriarchs In Black