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Lady Maggot>>PIOTR NIEMCZEWSKI>>Lady Maggot

Mortis Dei, Puki 'Mahlu, Lady Maggot>>PIOTR NIEMCZEWSKI>>Lady Maggot



History & Biography
This Dublin, Ireland-based death metal Poles had a realistic view of things at the church since inception by Piotr in 2014. The band’s rhythm section left the act early leaving a duo behind (not referring to a priest and an altar boy) once a new drummer was added. Metal Scrap signed the band and albums started appearing. The group supported Kat on their UK and Irish tour in 2016. The band also opened for Quo Vadis.

The band occasionally dresses as priests.


The band’s monicker is topical yet obviously brave. Even better is the promotion photography of the band in unholy collars. The first thing one notices upon pressing player on the CD player is the defecation-cum-vomitous vocals. The music charges and is blindingly fast of the grindcore speed variety. The vocals, however, deliberately do not keep up. There are many malcore interludes which shatter the purity and essence and then there are the alternately Pestilence-versus- Pan-thymonium oh no synthesized or stringed unwelcome beeps, but when this band gets going things truly get going. The msuic is neither technical nor overly original, but more importantly serious bands should honestly stop discrediting themselves with all the non-metal externalities.
During the slower and technical instances there is a shade of Morbid Angel in the sound, but given the thick rhythm, hurling double or triple vocals the holy ones deviate from the forefathers. Crush kill Destroy has a surperlative guitar solo and hints at Immolation. The Ireland-based band is comprised of Polish emigres, which explains the knowledge of dirty priests and the Polish title and lyrics of the album’s closer. – Ali “The Metallian”

Not knowing the band I was having mixed feelings from the start. The band’s name ‘Pedophile Priests’ sounds topical and socially aware. On the other hand cancer sucks. Yes, the disease is malevolent, but the band Cancer sucks very much and so the album’s title did not impress this writer.
The band is based in Ireland, but apparently founded and manned by two Poles. No matter because both Ireland and Poland are afflicted with Christianity and Catholicism and the members have moved from one set of pedophile priests to another. This is not where the band’s socially conscious lyrics end however. There is more and that is a credit to the boys. Dublin Walking Dead shows how the musicians know their adopted homeland as well.
The music is where things fall apart. First the vocals however. They are abysmal and take getting used to… no, one will not become accustomed to them. They sound like a fat dude who is extremely constipated refusing to let go. A new singer is a must, and now. The music is a mixed bag. The band throws in a heavy riff and some amazing lead work before going into several minutes of mundane and boring riffing. The closest parallels are Master, Funeral Bitch and Decapitated. Children Of The Transformation clones Morbid Angel. The background synthesizers are annoying. The songs are not state of the art.
Lyrics are 80/100. Vocals are 20/100 and the music is 40/100. Yet another skull on yet another album cover and… 40/100. – Anna Tergel


Pedophile Priests