Peer Günt – 1985 – Euros
Backseat – 1986 – Euros
Good Girls Don’t – 1987 – Euros
Fire Wire – 1988 – Euros
Don't Mess With The Countryboys – 1990 – Euros
Smalltown Maniacs – 1994 – Plutonium
No Piercing, No Tattoo – 2005 – Spinefarm
Guts And Glory – 2007 – 100%
Buck The Odds – 2009 – Sound Of Finland
Live Today, Gone Tomorrow – 2011 – Sound Of Finland

B= Teijo "Tsöötz" Kettula>>Dog Days Revolution - PETE POHJANNIEMI
D= Teijo "Twist Twist" Erkinharju>>Leningrad Cowboys, Dog Days Revolution, Los Bastardos Finlandeses - SAULI “SAKKE” KOIVULA

Peer Günt was a hard rock band from Kouvola, Finland, which was formed by singer Timo in 1976. Teijo "Twist Twist" joined the band in 1981 and bassist Teijo "Tsöötz" Kettula in 1983. The band competed in Finland’s 1984 Rock Championships and won. Backseat, Good Girls Don't ... and Fire Wire all landed in position number one in the Finnish charts. The band was playing upwards of 100 shows a year in support of these albums. The 1986 EP Bad Boys Are Here was followed by Good Girls Don’t... The band played at the Roskilde festival in 1987. Years On The Road was a 1989 compilation. Teijo "Tsöötz" Kettula and Teijo "Twist Twist" Erkinharju left in 2005. Live At Rockperry was a 2006 DVD. It was taped at the Vaasan Rockperry festival the year before. The band celebrated its fortieth anniversary with a tour of Finland in 2016. The group opened for Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow at Finland’s Rockfest.

The group was on official pause in the year 2000, which lasted for a year. The band was named after a variety of rose.



Peer Günt