Kark – 1998 – Solistitium
Seid – 2003 - Displeased

S= BAHTYR>>Laserguys
G= Maelström, Wurdulak>>IHIZAHG [TOM ARILD JOHANSEN]>>Mayhem, Maelström, Wurdulak, Bloodthorn, Images At Twilight - YMON
D= Anthem, Gorelord, Bloodthorn, Wurdulak>>JEHMOD [ØYVIND EVJEMO]>>Gorelord, Bloodthorn, Wurdulak
K= Belluz, Harvest Moon, Ornulf Hocthe, Bjarne Aftret, Annet>>KUNT PELTHOR [KNUT ERIK JENSEN]

This black/death metal band – albeit they had a keyboardist - hung around between 1991 and 2005, but ultimately succumbed and, well, perished. The 1993 demo In Hoc Signo Vinces was dedicated to the communist-turned-fascist rip off Euronymous of Mayhem. The love for the failed business owner continued with the subsequent demo, Through The Black Mist. Guitarist Tyr left. Solistitium Records issued a 7” single for the band in 1996. This lead to a full-length. A 2000 EP was called Grim. The group signed with Displeased in July 2002 and played at Inferno Metal Festival 2003. Knut had introduced the accordion to the band. That was the eyar the band died its death.

The Norway-based Perished had its Kark LP reissued with bonus material in 2017. Knut stopped pretending and became a piano teacher.


Seid is Perished's second album and represents a band which can play frightfully fast at will. In fact, the Norwegian sextet can play at such speed levels that the listener could be forgiven for believing occasionally the band is about to take flight. The vocals are harsh and, in general, the band gives no indication of a desire to be commercial or palatable. Even the choice of an admirable cover art depicting the slaughter of Christians by Vikings is outstanding.
Having said that, the band's use of a keyboard throughout the album ruins the entire effect. Why a band with so much power would look to dilute itself is disappointing to this writer. What is certain is how it is difficult to respect a band which does not respect itself. Fans of Emperor or Zyklon may look into this. - Ali "The Metallian"