Nocturnal Blasphemy>>PERPETUUM - CHILE

Gradual Decay Of Conscience – 2009 - Australis

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History & Biography
This techno-death band had a different monicker for a year before picking up Perpetuum in 2004. The group went the way of Jesus in 2012. Demo 2006 and Promo 2007 preceded the sole album. Several singers had come and gone by now. The self-produced album was issued a by fledgling Chilean label. Several older tracks were uploaded in 2015.

Three of the members were Inanna participants. No word if any of the other members were guests with Inanna.


Perpetuum hails from Chile, which automatically renders the bands somewhat exotic. The sound should be a little more original than the average band. The few Chilean bands I have heard have had an element of originality to them, not to say that it is necessarily a good thing.
Perpetuum has all the ingredients of an underground metal band. The sound is comprised of deep growls, heavy tones, speed, and a lot of mystery. Still, this is three parts death, three parts doom, two parts alternative and two parts ambience. The band goes for an offbeat vibe. The drummer has a lot of jazz in his blood. Psicosis is almost ambient alternative underground with its drawn-out riff sounds. In many ways the band will appeal to funeral doom fans, while Opeth fans won’t be too far away. The album begins and ends with the same tones giving it a circular sense. Perpetuum is big on atmosphere something that is reflected in its music, lyrics and artwork. The music, however, is not world-class. - Anna Tergel