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History & Biography
Wales-based Persian Risk was founded at the height of the NWOBHM fever in 1979 and hung around for seven years managing one album before disbanding. Truthfully, the band had occasionally more in common with melodic rock than heavy metal however. Like all other bands they returned, in their case in 2012.

Carl Sentance replaced John Deverill (who had gone to Tygers Of Pan Tang and later become an actor) on vocals. Sentence was in Leading Star with Razz and Hughes previously. The group issued a 7” single called Calling For You pressed by SRT Productions in 1981. Russell ‘Razz’ Lemon was on drums. Phil Campbell was on guitar and would remain in the band another three years before joining Lemmy and company. The band opened for Budgie in 1981. Persian Risk toured the UK with Motörhead in 1984. The band was supporting the band of its former guitarist now. Demo ’83 followed. Guitarist Alex Lohfink had left the act by now. The band got into bed with Neat Records, which issued the 7” single Ridin’ High after giving the band a slot on the 1982 compilation Heavy Metal Heroes Vol. 2. Too Different was a 1984 EP and was issued as a 12” MLP by Zebra Records. The group appeared on UK Channel 4's ECT program. For its debut full-length the group reached an agreement with another London-based label, Rock Machine. Campbell was out of the picture by now. Phil Vokins was the new second guitarist. Either way, the record was blessed with an above average sound courtesy of Will Reid-Dick who had worked with Motörhead in the past. This was the end of the road for the band however. Carl would opt to sing for Tokyo Blade, an association which would prove short-lived. He had also joined Geezer Butler, which was cited as the catalyst for the act’s break up alongside management problems. Sentance would move to Florida, USA hoping to get shot in 1990. He joined Ghost with UFO’s Paul Chapman there. When that did not fly, Carl attempted an American edition of Persian Risk with guitarist Mark Lanoue. A short tour followed.

When Marc Storace would depart Krokus again former Tokyo Blade and Persian Risk man Carl Sentence would replace him in 1999. The band returned in 2011 with a full-length demo called Once A King, which came out in 2012, which over-estimated the act’s legacy. Sentence, who was the sole remaining member, had also picked up the guitar now. Indeed, all the members ever needed were women and rock after all. Don Airey was a guest. Former Sabbat bassist Wayne Banks and a drummer called Tim Brown were in the act. High Roller would re-issue this record. Persian Risk appeared at the Hard Rock Hell festival in Wales on November 29th. Who Am I? Was the 2014 demo. Carl would also join Nazareth in 2015. Escape Music put the two records onto one disc in 2019.

Persian Risk was a racing horse.



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