The Hunter – 2000 – Loud ‘N’ Proud
Evolution Purgatory – 2004 – Noise
When Eden Burns – 2006 – Dockyard 1
The Fiction Maze – 2014 – Inner Wound
Necromancy – 2020 - Frontiers

Persuader image
Purgatorium, Dark Empire, Savage Circus>>JENS CARLSSON>>Purgatorium Dark Empire, Savage Circus

Purgatorium>>Jens Carlsson>>Purgatorium - Savage Circus>>EMIL NORBERG>>Savage Circus – Auberon>>Pekka Kiviaho>>Auberon, One Man Army And The Undead Quartet, Fraction Of Chaos, Perpetual Crusade – Guillotine>>Daniel Sundbom>>Guillotine - Fredrik Mannberg

Ligament, Nocturnal Rites, Guillotine, Engraved>>Fredrik Hedström>>Nocturnal Rites, Guillotine

Guillotine, Naglfar>>EFRAIM JUNTUNEN>>Guillotine, Naglfar

History & Biography
The year was 1997 when these Umeå-based Swedes began persuading listeners that their power metal is worth hearing. Pekka and a David were the founders. This was their Visions And Dreams and was issued in 1998. A couple of tracks from this demo appeared on the split with Freternia, which was issued by Loud ‘N’ Proud in 1999. This lead to the band hunting for fans in 2000 especially since the label went belly up. Emil Norberg, who is the younger brother of Nocturnal Rites’ Nils Norberg, replaced founding member Pekka Kiviaho in 2001 after the latter was ousted in 2000. The band won something called Young Metal Gods competition (a collaboration European heavy rock press) and signed to Noise. Evolution Purgatory was issued in 2004. The group was booked for the Sweden Rock festival. Jens Carlsson hung up his guitar in 2006 to focus on the vocals and Daniel Sundbom was recruited. The band had signed with Dockyard 1, which had re-issued the debut as the first order of business. Persuader was booked for Sweden Rock's 34000 Ton Metal cruise in 2006. The band was booked for a Chicago, USA show, but started to raise funds to be able to make the journey! Naturally, Dockyard 1 went belly up. The band members took a lengthy break and seemingly were more involved with Savage Circus than their own band. Dockyard 1 owner Piet Sielck was also in Savage Circus. The band had many disagreements with Dockyard 1 and Dockyard 2, but had agreed to give the label one more record before the concern definitively went the way of rap metal. Fredrik Hedström left in 2019 and the band issued its first record in six years in 2020. Fredrik Mannberg left in 2021. Bassist Alex Friberg joined in 2021.

The band’s monicker is inspired by a prop in the computer game Syndicate.