In The Garment Of Lust – 2003 – Perennial Quest
Words Like Poison – 2004 - Forensick
Beyond The Reach Of Heaven – 2008 - Grodhaisn
Ablaze – 2011 - Lavadome
Idolatry – 2017 – Metal Age

Perversity image
Hnilobny Zakusok>>Martin Marincak>>Hnilobny Zakusok – The Bleeding, Fonops>>JURAJ "KAZATEL" HANDZUS>>Fonops

Constipation>>JOZEF "DODI" KOSC>>Constipation - Daniel Kochanik - Robert Vanya>>Deedcant Of Septokrist – Insepultus>>Marian "Elvis" Petrik – Amnesist, Impeccant, Angelic Embrace In The Nest Of Death, Brute, Pain Purification, Constipation>>MARTIN "FETUS" CALKO>>Brute, Pain Purification, Constipation

Martin Kukol – The Bleeding, Symetria>>Slavomir "Sly" Koval>>Symetria, Kaned & Able – Killerface, Grinding Jesus Brothers>>Peter "Oci" Ocipa>>Killerface

Marek Stasak – Braindamage, Fonops>>Martin "Mystik" Horgos>>Fonops, Project Source – Wayd, Demonoid Virtue, Khadaver, Symetria>>PETER "NECROCYKLO" JAKUBÍK>>Symetria, Wayd

History & Biography
A bunch of Slovak perverts in the eastern town of Prešov decided they will not be living in the shadows anymore and burst out brandishing their instruments in 1995. The instigators were Martin Marincak (vocals) and Jozef Kosc (guitar). Unfortunately, many were smacked by their mothers and wives and threw in the towel, but singer and guitarist Jozef "Dodi" Kosc persisted and openly insisted that perversion is a way of life.

The Embarrassed was the ironic title for a 1997 demo, which was followed by Personal in 1998. This assuaged the members’ perverted desires for a while and they went Strolling With A Dead Girl until Promo 2002. This brought the band a deal and the record In The Garment Of Lust, which not only sounded sexy, but also was the name of a track from the aforementioned Promo. Perennial Quest had signed the band after searching for a long time for the sickest sickos in the entire former Eastern bloc. The depraved ones opened for Suffocation and Vital Remains. The band obtained permission to use a model from Metallian Towers for its cover. The band switched to Forenscik for its next opus and, having mellowed with age, even included The Foreplay this time. Demos & Rarities Collection was just that in 2006. Promo 2007 had the band searching for a new deal through masterpieces like Primitive Personal Blasphemy. Beyond The Reach Of Heavenput the tracks onto an album courtesy of Grodhaisn. This album featured Robert Vanya on the six strings. The fifteenth anniversary of the band was celebrated at a concert in Presov on September 25th, 2010. Ablaze was the fourth album on the fourth label, but was no slouch as the debauchery continued courtesy of Necrophiliac Beast and Palace Of Skin. Slavomir "Sly" Koval was on bass and Martin "Mystik" Horgos on drums now. The band had a singer called Juraj "Kazatel" Handzus. Infamy Divine was a 2014 EP, but Idolatry (… new album… new label.. although Lavadome wanted to keep working with the band) was a full-length. Perversity was allowed to proclaim its vices openly at Dobrý Festival Prešov in 2015. The band opened for Root at a show in 2018. Hailing The Thieves Of Souls was an old song uploaded in 2019. Radoslav Smrek arrived on bass in 2020. He was ready for some perversity! Metal Age re-issued the band’s debut in 2020. The group was working on new songs in 2021. Marek Baran became the drummer in 2022.

The band organizes small metal concerts almost every year. Kazatel’s younger brother Peter is known for his work at DigitalWortex and has designed artwork for Perversity.