Cult of the Initiated – 1997 – Lost Disciple
Blood for the Gods – 1999 – Lost Disciple
Slaughtering the Faithful – 2002 – Lost Disciple

Pessimist image
Nemesys, Fleshtized, Psychotogen, Hatred Unleashed>>Rob Kline>>Fleshtized, Psychotogen, Hatred Unleashed – Corrupture>>Ralph ‘Reaper’ Runyan>>Corrupture, Deception Immaculate – Black Mass>>IVAN ALISON>>Black Mass

Death Force, Cauldron, Angelcorpse, Unholy Ghost, Diabolic, Horror Of Horrors, Possessed, I Am Morbid>>KELLY MCLAUCHLIN>>Angelcorpse, Unholy Ghost, Diabolic, Horror Of Horrors, Possessed, I Am Morbid – Fear Of God, Fog>>Bill Hayden>>Dwelling Madness

Tony Pernia>>Psychotogen – Ralph Runyan>>Deception Immaculate – Carnal Necrosis, Siderate, Hideous Rebirth, Cicada Swarm, Carnal Necrosis, Fleshfed>>ANDREW J. BOWEN>>Siderate, Hideous Rebirth, Cicada Swarm, Carnal Necrosis, Fleshfed

Psychotogen, Ghost Of War>>Chris Pernia>>Psychotogen, Ghost Of War, Beyond The Scar – Have Mercy, Fog, Speaking In Tongues, True Unholy Death>>John Grden>>Fires Of Gomorrah, True unholy Death, Infidel – Sil Veth, Mortal Wound, Titan, Master, Death Strike>>Pat Shea>>Titan, Master, Death Strike, Whipworm

History & Biography
This death metal band was founded in Maryland, USA in 1993 and delivered blows until 2006. The band briefly reformed two years later before disappearing and re-appearing in 2013.

Dark Reality and Dark Reality II were 1993 and 1994 demos. Someone called Purgatory Records released an EP for the band called Absence Of Light in 1995. The band was opening for the likes of Incantation, Deicide and Malevolent Creation. Local label Lost Disciple Records signed the band. The group opened for the likes of Cryptopsy and Gorguts. The group appeared at Milwaukee Metalfest XII, New England Metal and Hardcore Fest and its first European tour with Fleshless in 1999. During this period the band appeared on those weekly cover CDs Dwell Records was pushing out. Slaughtering The Faithful featured three new members and was produced by Erik Rutan of Hate Eternal. The band threw in the towel, with several members regrouping in Psychotogen, but 2008 and Deathgasm Records brought a rarities’ compilation called Evolution Unto Evil. Fleshtized lost Casey Robertson and disbanded, but replaced him with Rob Kline of Pessimist and Psychotogen fame in 2004. A song of the band appeared in a clip of a game called Zombie Attack. The band and Pandemia toured Europe in 2009.

Singer Ivan ‘The Evil One’ of Black Mass, guitarists Kelly McLauchlin (Possessed, Diabolic, etc.) and William Hayden, bassist Kelly Conlon (Monstrosity, Death and Vital Remains) and drummer Paul Collier (Angelcorpse) reunited in Pessimist towards the end of 2013. Drummer Paul Collier who was in Angelcorpse with McLauchlin was briefly part of the line-up. A demo called Keys To The Underworld was being readied. Conlon stayed in the band until 2020. MDD Records issued the band’s Call To War at the end of 2016. Alex Marquez drummed for the band in 2018 and 2019. He had replaced Chris Pernia. The band played Maryland Deathfest in 2018. Season Of Mist signed Pessimist (featuring Kelly McLauchlin of Death, ex-Possessed and I Am Morbid) at the end of 2020. In addition to a new full-length, which the band was writing, the label was releasing the band’s early full-length records in the ensuing months. Live (Dead) Halloween 1999 was a 2023 demo. Live From Hellhole Radio WNYU 89​.​1 FM was also a twenty-year-old recording. Pessimist again announced a full-length called Keys To The Underworld in the autumn of 2023. Tim Yeung was nominally drumming for the band. This album was being written, mixed, milkshaked, etc since 2018. The band was touring Europe with Reaping Flesh in May 2024.


Pessimist inhabits the realm of pure death metal. There are several reasons to like this band. Firstly, this band's intro is unlike their colleagues' in that they have actually composed a little piece and not sampled yet another movie. The speed recorded here breaks the sound barrier and ultra-speed maniacs will foam at the mouth over Slaughtering The Faithful. The songs are enhanced by adorably ripping solos - fast! - and a frightfully tight performance which given the velocity of the music is quite a wonder. In fact, the CD was spinning three times faster than normal in the player. Smoke! Pessimist, it can rightly be pointed out, does not emphasize variety. Then again, anybody looking for Bryan Adams here is being silly. Well-produced by Erik Rutan of Hate Eternal, Pessimist's third album will appeal to fans of Internal Suffering, Vader, Brutality and Hate Eternal. Check this out.