Phantom Blue – 1989 –Shrapnel
Built To Perform – 1993 - Geffen

Phantom Blue image
Gigi Hangach

Wargod, Post Mortem>>Michelle Meldrum-Norum>>Meldrum, The Iron Maidens - Nicole Couch – Uncle Fester>>KAREN KREUTZER>>Intosinboy

Kim Nielsen>>Wraith

LINDA MCDONALD>>The Iron Maidens, Unholy Pink, Valley Dolls

History & Biography
This poppy hard rock band appeared in 1987 and split up a dozen years later. Meldrum and Couch were the founders. Bassist Debra Armstrong left in 1988. They had a couple of minor hits and MTV support for a while, but it all shimmered and disappeared in the late ‘90s. Shrapnel signed the band owing to the guitarist’s shredding and issued the group’s debut. This record was licensed by Roadrunner. Phantom Blue opened for Mad Max in Europe. The band switched to Geffen for its next record, which featured Karen Kreutzer. The group was dropped by the label. With Meldrum and Gigi leaving, partly due to problems with management, the whole thing collapsed. Linda’s boyfriend was managing the band at this juncture. Nielsen and Gigi had a run-in and Nielsen was replaced by Rana Ross. The group issued a demo called Prime Cuts & Glazed Donuts in 1995 featuring Nicole Couch. This was mostly older material that had not been deemed fit for an album. Nicole pulled back from all artistic activity following a suicide attempt. Caught Live was an independent record from 1997, which was followed by Full Blown of 1998. By now Kreutzer and Jones had an industrial band.

Michelle Meldrum married Europe’s John Norum in 1995 and died of a cystic growth in her brain in 2008. John Norum was a guest on Built To Perform. The band played a memorial gig featuring Tina Wood at Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood. Rana Ross had died in 1996. The Iron Maidens covers Iron Maiden. McDonalds won the Best Female Drummer Of The Year award at the 7th Annual Rock City News Awards 2001 show. She was in the Iron Maidens.



Phantom Blue