Picture – 1980 - Backdoor
Heavy Metal Ears – 1981 - Backdoor
Diamond Dreamer – 1982 – Backdoor
Eternal Dark – 1983 – Backdoor
Traitor – 1985 – Backdoor
Every Story Needs Another Picture – 1986 – Backdoor
Marathon – 1987 – Touch Down
Live 2008 – 2008 - MarsMountains
Old Dogs New Tricks – 2009 – Rocktalent
Warhorse – 2012 – Artist Station
40 Years Heavy Metal Ears - 1978-2018 - Classic Lineup – 2018 – Pure Steel
Wings – 2019 – Pure Steel

Picture image
Jan Bechtum - Ronald Van Prooijen>>Roslynn, Exist - Shmoulik Avigal>>Horizon, Hammerhead, The Rods, Paris, Moonrock, Guardians Of The Flame, Solo - Pete Lovell>>Lovell’s Blade – Vandenberg>>Bert Heerink>>Solo - Roslynn>>Ronald Van Prooijen>>Exist – Roslynn, Exist>>Ronald Van Prooijen

Jan Bechtum>>Diamond Dreamer, Changed - Chris Van Jaarsveld>>Jetland, Sleeze Beez - Henry Van Manen - Ronald De Grauw>>Photograph - Rob Van Enkhuizen - IJzeren Maagden>>APPIE DE GELDER>>IJzeren Maagden – Diamond Dreamer, Changed>>JAN BECHTUM


Picture>>Laurens "Bakkie" Bakker – Sad Iron>>Jacques Van Oevelen>>Photograph, Entropy, Gilgamesj – Picture>>LAURENS "BAKKIE" BAKKER

History & Biography
This band is a pioneer in the field of hard rock and heavy metal and was founded in Rozenburg near Rotterdam 1979. The name was recycled from another band in which Rinus and Laurens played. The band split up in 1987 returned in 1996 for three years and again reformed in 2007. The 1996 version was Bechtum trying to get a band going and using the name Picture.

The group had a demo tape, which garnered the act a deal. Phonogram/Backdoor took a chance and issued the group’s debut in 1980. The band and manager Henk VanAntwerpenhad obtained a deal with Warner, but the two never released anything as the label wanted the act to change its sound. In the meantime, Picture opened for April Wine in its homeland. The band also opened for AC/DC. The debut is supported through shows with Saxon and right-wing wingnut Ted Nugent. Heavy Metal Ears is supported through a tour of Italy. The promoter asks the band to open for Kiss in Mexico, but there is no tour support. Shmoulik Avigal sang on Diamond Dreamer, which was also the name of the follow-up act for Bechtum in which Avigal sang. He and Picture’s manager did not get along. Diamond Dreamer was produced by Pete Hinton who had worked with Saxon. Briton Pete Lovell joined for Eternal Dark, as did guitarists Chris Van Jaarsveld and Henry Van Manen. This was an upheaval in the ranks. The members would later claim the albums of these years were essentially done to fulfill contractual obligations. The band toured Israel. Jacques Van Oevelen was heard on Traitor. Fantasies was a 1985 EP with different versions of already released tracks. Bakker had left the act by now disappointed in the lack of success. Saxon had asked the band to open for them on a tour and the label would not fund it. He and Vreugdenhill would end up being co-workers. The ever hard working Picture issued another LP in 1986 and again, like Diamond Dreamer, featured a Metallian Towers’ serf as the cover model. This one featured Bert Heerink on vocals and Rob Van Enkhuizen on guitar. Marathon was on the Touch Down imprint, veered glam metal and the group threw in the towel receiving no attention or press from any quarter.

The band’s second return was in 2007. Nonetheless, a compilation or two had emerged. Rinus had a stroke in 2014. Jan Bechtum was back for the reformation. The band toured South America in 2016. 40 Years Heavy Metal Ears - 1978-2018 - Classic Line-up was recorded in 2017. They played at the Sweden Rock Festival for the second time in 2017. Ronald Van Prooijen was back. A DVD called Live In São Paulo was issued in 2020. It was filmed in 2019. The band played at Bang Your Head 2019. Peter Strykes (Vandenberg, Horizon, etc.) joined on vocals in 2021. He succeeded Simon Chiola who had joined in 2020. Peter had jumped in for a Portuguese gig years ago when the band had found itself without a singer suddenly.

Jacques Van Oevelen died in 2016. Shmoulik Avigal died in 2020. Changed was a gospel act that was founded in 1992. Jan Bechtum had found Christ during the time he left the band. Rinus Vreugdenhill has been the band’s mainstay. Hammerfall covered Eternal Dark and invited a couple of the members to jump on stage and play it with the band in The Netherlands.