Back Door Cyclops>>PISSING RAZORS - USA

Pissing Razors – 1998 – Noise
Cast Down The Plague – 1999 – Noise
Fields Of Disbelief – 2000 – Noise
Where We Come From – 2001 – Spitfire
Live In The Devil’s Triangle – 2002 – Spitfire
Evolution – 2003 - Spitfire

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Joe Rodriguez>>Fueled II Fire, The Sixth – Jason Bragg>>Drip Licorice, Kill Devil Hill, Smoke Hollow, Day Of Errors – Andre Acosta>>Preface, The Downtrodden, Scattered Storm

Snail>>Mathew Lynch>>Fueled II Fire, Snail, The Sixth – Cesar Soto>>Fueled II Fire, 3 Headed Snake, The Sixth, Ministry, Years Of Cold – Poseidon, Cipher, Single Bullet Theory>>Matt Difabio>>Single Bullet Theory, Preface, The Downtrodden, Vedic

Rick Valles>>Ministry

Speed Razor, Ministry, Overkill, Scattered Storm>>EDDY GARCIA>>Speed Razor, Ministry, Overkill, Scattered Storm

History & Biography
The American machoer-than-thou band had a moment amidst the hoopla about groovy bands (you know, cowboy hats, tales of being tough, ink and of course a healthy dose of mallcore a la Mudvayne), but could not sustain its popularity and went away after 11 years in 2004. It obeyed the rules of the metal scene and reformed of course in 2014. The band tells that early singer Loco Pelon’s VD from a Mexican prostitute felt like ‘pissing razors.’ David ‘Loco Pelon’ McNutt died in 2013. The band later asserted that this story was about a friend of the late singer and not about the singer himself.

The Garcia brothers had founded the act in 1993. Psycho Punko Metal Groove was the 1996 demo and featured singer Joe Rodriguez, guitarist and bassist Mathew Lynch, drummer/guitarist Eddy Garcia and drummer/bassist Danny Garcia. The Garcias were brothers. Noise Records, which at that time had a Los Angeles office (and existed), signed the band and the self-titled debut was out in 1998. The band had done a showcase for Noise and was actually rejected initially! It was produced by Andy Sneap. Cesar Soto entered for Field Of Disbelief. Lynch had left citing poverty and his roadie Soto had stepped in. Soto quit citing personal differences. Bragg entered for Where We Come From. Bragg left due to “creative differences.” Andre Acosta and Matt Difabio were heard on the live album leaving only Eddy and Rick standing from the older line-up. Difabio quit citing living far from the rest of the band. He was also busy with Single Bullet Theory. Live In The Devil’s Triangle was indeed recorded in El Paso, Texas. The Evolution album was supported through a tour with Society 1 and 40 Grit. Eddy Garcia went into management and worked with bands like Kryoburn. Acosta and Difabio had a project called Preface.

The band was back in 2014, but only issued a single called Crushing Grip in 2019 and that digitally. Eddy Garcia was Overkill’s soundman and sat in with the band when Ron Lipnicki could not travel in 2016. The band played several shows with Skinlab in 2018. The act was Joe Rodriguez, Matt Lynch, Eddy Garcia and bassist Geo Gomez. A new album was promised through Art Is War Records for 2019, operated by a Skinlab member, which went the way of Mexico paying for the border wall. The band was on hiatus for a year, but was rehearsing again in 2021 and promising a recording.


One knows that he is not dealing with the most literate of bands when coming across lines like, "living your live without a spin" (translation: living your life without a spine) or "what's holding back your killing me" (translation: what's holding back you're killing me). That reality is also present in the band's music which is a thrashing and angry mix of Pantera and Machine Head. The blue collar assertion is probably a welcome factor for the band's fans though. After all, the album features a revamped line-up. The band's fans would be glad to know that the band's approach has seen little change. Fans of the aforementioned bands, plus Fear Factory-inspired regular chants will find a great buy in Evolution. Others ought to look elsewhere. - Ali "The Metallian"


Pissing Razors