Lunatic – 2006 – Black Lotus
Equanimity – 2015 - Klonosphere

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S= Julian “Panda” Foucault – Tersim Backle
G= Nakhara>>SIMON “SAIM” THEVENET>>Nakhara – 7th Nemesis, Supertanker>>MATHIEU “MAT” COMMUN>>7th Nemesis, Supertanker
B= Ubik, Psychobolia>>FRANCOIS “FRANCESCO” UGARTE>>Ubik, Psychobolia
D= Supertanker, Tsar Bomba>>JEROME “JERRY” FARION>>Supertanker, Tsar Bomba

Active from 1997 to 2020 the technical death metal band from France issued the Impact demo of 2001, Equanimity of 2015 (recorded at the bassist’s own studio) and the Lunatic album. The 2015 release was crowdfunded. Panda had founded the act at school. The group turned professional in 2001. Founding bassist was one Guillaume Baligand. Panda had left in 2008. Black Lotus also declared bankruptcy earlier. Tersim Backle joined in 2011 and left in 2016. Cedric of Supertanker took his place. The man had been in the band from 2007 to 2010 as well and left due to musical differences. In the meanwhile, the band had signed with Klonosphere and recorded an EP, which did not materialize as it became a full-length. This was mainly a promotional arrangement. The group announced two shows with Ceild in Spain to kick off 2019. The bands played in France and Belgium as well. Two members were in Supertanker. A final show was announced for April 2020, which was postponed to the autumn due to the pandemic.

The band had opened for Gojira, Aborted, No Return, Benighted and others.


Would one be walking into the trap laid for reviewers’ were one to call Lunatic by the French newcomers a cold album? That, after all, is the way the label describes the band’s music, cold and technical. Add to those words adjectives like mechanical and dreary and behold the appearance of a Lunatic. On the surface, the band is a heavy and technical death metal band like a mix of Gory Blister and Meshuggah. The problem is that the time changes and the emotionless rhythms leave the listener bored and numb. Where is the heaviness, the rush or the power? Admittedly, the singer can sound like Cannibal Corpse’s Corpsegrinder once in a while and the musicians behind him sure can handle their instruments, but so what?
It is not all bad though. Witness the band’s monicker or song titles like Lunatic Factory, Monkey’s Masturbation and Corrupt TV. Then again, on top of all the other problems hear the dreadfully light drum sound, None of it makes one want to bang his head or makes one feel energized in any way. Perhaps that’s why the album ends with an Indian sitar instrumental. The band has seen the future and it includes being the house band at the Tandoori House. - Anna Tergel


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