Engulfed By The Swarm – 2004 – Season Of Mist
Badge Of The Assassin – 2017 - Pathologically Explicit

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Mortal Decay>>KEVIN MCCLINTOCK>>Mortal Decay

Insatanity>>Dan Loughry>>Insatanity, Single Bullet Theory, Seeds Of Perdition – Insatanity, Decieverion>>KEVIN MCCLINTOCK>>Insatanity, Decieverion – Pyrexia, Mortal Decay, Body Part Trophy Case, Insatanity, Season Of Mourning>>ED DROZDOWSKY>>Mortal Decay, Insatanity, Season Of Mourning

Monty Mukerji>>Mortal Decay, Malignancy, Crator – Crucifier>>DAN KEATON>>Crucifier

Decieverion, Treading On Divine>>BRIAN DEAL>>Decieverion, Treading On Divine

History & Biography
Operating as Ethereal between 1994 and 1999 and becoming Polterchrist in 1999, the Pennsylvania-based band released The Unity Of Blackened Souls demo in 1999. Next was a demo in 2002. Season Of Mist signed the band and a record was out in 2004. Brian Griffin (Broken Hope) recorded and produced it. He had taped the band’s demo as well. Guitarist Dan, who had been in Ethereal, has returned to the act the year before. The band was supposed to tour with Mayhem and Danzig in the USA, but the venture was cancelled. The band was part of the Death Metal Box compilation with Council Of The Fallen and Abaddon Incarnate in 2006. The group had gone on leave. Joe Gordon (Mortal Decay) on guitar and Chris Lytle (Pyrexia) came and went on bass. In the meantime, Drozdowsky was in and out multiple times. A second album appeared in 2017.

Polterchrist, Insatanity and Mortal Decay are linked. The band has opened for Sinister, hypocrisy, Krisiun and others.


Polterchrist is apparently not a new band. The US mob has been around, on and off, since 1994 and has indeed opened for the likes of Sinister and Hypocrisy. The band's music, at first listen, is standard death metal. The sound takes after good old Florida death metal - although the act hails from Philadelphia - in general and Resurrection and Brutality in particular. The latter band also supplies the pattern for most of Polterchrist's soloing. So far so good, if a tad on the standard side, but the band deems it appropriate to complicate matters by inserting the odd Fear Factory-style dance sound or ambient scream. Things never quite recover after that obviously. Desolate Paradise has a Queensrÿche-meets-off beat feel to it, while the instrumental Terminal is a take on Metallica's riffing. Otherwise, the christs are a standard death metal band with a Fear factory influence. - Ali "The Metallian"