Screams Of Blackness – 1994 – Husky
The Age Of Massmurder – 1997 – Morbid
Repulsion – 1998 – Morbid
Constant Hate – 2008 – War Anthem
Seeds Of Devastation – 2010 – War Anthem
Bloodground Messiah – 2012 – War Anthem
The Bowls Of Wrath – 2014 – War Anthem

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MARCUS MARTH – Enslaved, Dayzolate>>Dirk Olesch

Darkland>>TILO VOIGTLANDER>>Darkland

Darkland>>Marko Thale>>Fatal Embrace, Metall – First Aid>>MAX SCHEFFLER>>First Aid

History & Biography
Based in Berlin the capital of Germany and active since 1991 Postmortem has been issuing death metal records ever since. Aside from drummers the band’s line-up has been relatively stable. Secret Lunacy and Last Aid To Die were 1991 and 1992 demos. The line-up was singer Matthias Ruetz, guitarists Marcus Marth and Sven Gohdes, bassist Tilo Voigtlaender and drummer Marko Thale. The band won the Ludwigshafen Underground Competition in May 1992 over bands like Pyogenesis. This was between the first and second demos. Frankfurt-based Husky-Records issued the band’s debut Screams Of Blackness in 1994. It was produced by Harris Johns. The band played shows with the likes of Fermenting Innards, Hypocrisy, Morbid Angel, Crematory, et cetra. Dirk Olesch had taken Gohdes’ spot. The band switched to the local Morbid Records and issued the Der Totmacher EP. The group played at Wacken in 1998 and was asked by the 1. FC Union football team to write them a jingle. An odds and ends EP was Storm Force from 2000. A single was 2000’s Join The Figh7club. Marko left. A long hiatus ensued and the band was not back with a release until 2008. The act was on ice between 2005 and 2006. Andy Grant and Schrod were the drummers in the meantime. Constant Hate was recorded at different studios. The group appeared at the Party.San Metal festival in 2009. XX was a 2011 compilation. Tankard and Postmortem shared a split single in 2014. The Bowls Of Wrath featured a video for the song Oops!... I Killed Again. The band was booked at Party.San again.


I love receiving music from bands like Postmortem which have as much a profile in Canada as the Israeli pork industry. No Matter, what Morbid records describes as "one of the best know German Death/Thrash bands" is out with CD number three and after several listens it seems that, aside from that "known" part, the label's description is fair and apt. Churning what one can describe as a by and large original death thrash metal, the German unit delivers 16 + 1 aggressive hymns with comparisons to bands as diverse as Phantasm, Benediction and Warlord UK. Musically though, in a pure metal context, the band walks its own path. Vocally, and in the absence of a line-up mentioned anywhere, they come over as pretty wicked sounding. What that means is that the singer manages a rather evil projection with his gruff delivery. On a track like Epitaph - suitably the album's closer - though, there is a hint of either a second vocalist or a near-killer dual delivery from the same larynx. This is not bad for a band that has nowhere near the profile of Fleshcrawl or Blood, but manages to show that perhaps a late recognition is due. - Ali "The Metallian"

German thrashers Postmortem must have been playing one show too many with fellow country men Rammstein. With a slight course correction (hardly the word, but...), the band is shipping five tracks here; two being industrial remixes of older tunes, one being a re-mastered version and also featuring two previously unheard tracks in the form of Create to Fear and Lethal Devil. The music is thrash noise and the vocals bark and scream with gusto. It's pretty good for what they do, but EPs are a hard sell regardless. - Ali "The Metallian"