Absolute Power - 1989 - Reprise

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JOEL DUBAY – Vulgaari>>TODD HAUG>>Vulgaari


Adrian Liberty

History & Biography
Powermad was active between 1984 and 1990, disbanded and returned in 2007. The power metal band’s claim to fame is an appearance in the David Lynch movie Wild At Heart both performing and being included in the soundtrack in 1990. The director was approached to shoot a video for the song Slaughterhouse, but instead had the band appear in his video. On a lesser note the band was heard in the movie Dad the year before.

Dubay and guitarist Bill Hill who quickly departed were the founders. The band had a Demo I in 1985, but it was the follow-up Absolute Power which spread through the underground and spread the word in 1987. Combat Records issued an EP of the band in 1987 as part of its Combat Boot Camp series. This was the band’s debut demo. Combat missed the boat, however, when Reprise/Warner picked up the band and issued The Madness Begins… EP in 1988. A Warner promotion gave the fans a free cassette with a magazine (Kerrang, Thrasher, etc.) cut-out coupon. The band would later claim Warner received 40,000 requests. This lead to the debut LP in 1989. The track Nice Dreams was a single and a video. The band opened for Overkill and Fates Warning. Grunge had the band dropped and Liberty left. The band tried to continue with drum nomad John Macaluso, but it was not to be. Dubay began selling reptiles.

Dubay wanted more however. Upon its return the band played at Bang Your Head festival in 2007 and issued a song called Souls Descending in 2011. The band pulled out of Headbangers Open Air due to Dubay’s health. The band had earlier put out the word that it is looking for gigs. Dodd Lowder was the drummer until 2011 and was replaced by Dirk Verbeuren who stayed long enough to add this band to his list of acts in his quest to be in every band in the world for five minutes and was duly replaced by no one. He was named “a permanent member” by Powermad. Haug was a beer brewer and had Powermad play at the brewery in 2012. Infinite was the full-length demo of 2015.