MVMXCI - 1991 – Roadrunner
Snow God… - 2002 – O.P.M.

Powersurge image
James ‘Jimbo’ Marra>>Mutilation Point

Eddie Rice>>Hollow Point, Drive – Todd Boese

Bram Stoker, Dyer Paine, Uncle Sally>>TODD DRYER>>Dyer Paine, Uncle Sally

Rudy Goryance>>Drive – HAL LOO>>Silent Scream

History & Biography
These leather-bound boys from Tampa, Florida had another monicker for two years before becoming Powersurge in July 1986 and issuing a self-titled demo. There was a video for Wall Of Power. Singer Marra, who suggested the new monicker, bassist Dyer, drummer Goryance and guitarist Boese were the founders. They were all born elsewhere in the USA. The Elements Of Metal demo followed quickly. Hal Loo was the drummer. The song Wholesome Americans had a few things to say.

An album, however, only appeared in 1991 following which Rice left and then Marra and Boese departed and the group disbanded. It was recorded at Morrisound whose resident engineer Kent Smith contributed keyboards to one track. The next album came almost ten years later and featured Mr. Loo again. Loo had been in Andz Volt, was replaced by Goryance who was replaced by Loo. As such, Snow God… had arrived eleven years after the band’s dissolution and featured older recordings. Targeted For Termination in 2003 was a compilation of unreleased material written initially for MCMXCI. The 2006 compilation featured further unleased tracks and live music. Todd Dyer died of throat cancer in 2009. Yet another sampler of demo material was Eye Of The Storm.

The band had opened for Savatage and Crimson Glory. Two members founded Drive later.