Return In Bloodred – 2005 – Metal Blade
Lupus Dei – 2007 – Metal Blade
Bible Of The Beast – 2009 – Metal Blade
Blood Of The Saints – 2011 – Metal Blade
Alive In The Night – 2012 – Metal Hammer
Preachers Of The Night – 2013 – Napalm
Blessed & Possessed – 2015 - Napalm
Live At Masters Of Rock – 2016 – Napalm
The Metal Mass – Live – 2016 – Napalm
Preaching At The Breeze – 2017 - Napalm
The Sacrament Of Sin – 2018 – Napalm
The Symphony Of Sin – 2020 – Napalm
Call Of The Wild – 2021 – Napalm

S= Dragon’s Tongue, Meskalin, Red Aim>>ATTILA DORN [KARSTEN BRILL]>>Red Aim
G= Red Aim, Flowing Tears>>MATTHEW GREYWOLF [BENJAMIN BUSS]>>Red Aim, Flowing Tears – Red Aim, Flowing Tears, Heavatar>>CHARLES GREYWOLF [DAVID VOGT]>>Red Aim, Flowing Tears, Heavatar
D= Finishing Stroke, Flowing Tears, Mercury Tide, Red Aim>>Stefane Funebre [Stefan Gemballa]>>Red Aim, Flowing Tears – Gramoxone, Lites Over Fenix, Sun Caged, DVPLO, Subsignal, System Pilot, Zero Hour, Delphian>>Roel Van Helden>>Sun Caged, System Pilot, Zero Hour, Delphian
K= The Experience, Red Aim>>FALK MARIA SCHLEGEL>>Red Aim

Active in Saarland, the corner of Germany that is least metal, since 2004 and mostly bass-less, Powerwolf has a distinct image and becoming more popular steadily. The German brothers recruited Romanian man Attila who knew little about heavy metal at a pub to be the band’s singer. The band was initially a project of stoner band Red Aim’s members. The band quickly obtained a recording contract with Metal Blade and issued its debut with Thomas Diener as a guest drummer. The group toured Europe with Candlemass in 2007. The group played at Wacken in 2008. Permanent drummer Stefane Funebre left in 2010. Thomas Diener returned for a year.

The first three albums were the subject of a box set called, Trinity In Black, The Holy Anthology Of Hymns For Praise Of Heavy Metal, issued by Cyclone Empire in 2011. No word if Borat was the project director. The group toured with Sabaton, Grave Digger and Skull Fist. Alive In The Night was distributed by Metal Hammer exclusively. The History Of Heresy I (2004 – 2008) and The History Of Heresy II (2009 – 2012) were more CD/DVD compilations. 2016 and 2017 saw the band try to beat Iron Maiden at its own game by exceeding the record for live albums following a bunch of compilations. Preaching At The Breeze was recorded at Summer Breeze festival in 2015. Metallum Nostrum from 2019 was a cover versions CD that was initially a bonus to Blessed & Possessed’s premium edition. Similarly, The Symphony Of Sin was a 2020 standalone version of a disc given away with The Sacrament Of Sin featuring orchestral versions of the album. A limited edition of The Sacrament… called Communio Lupatum also featured a disc of bands like Epica and Kadavar covering Powerwolf. The band’s 2020 tour of South America was cut short due to the pandemic.

Powerwolf is a hard working band with many releases. The band, like Japan’s Lovebites, often features wolves on its covers. Markus Pohl has been the live guitarist since 2016. Charles runs a studio called Greywolf. Flowing Tears featured Charles’ wife Helen Vogt. The band’s image and staged live shows are integral to Powerwolf.

The band uses religious imagery and lyricism. Matthew calls The Bible his favourite book.