Right Here, Right Now – 1985 – Mercury
That Kind Of Girl – 1988 – Chameleon
Precious Metal – 1990 - Chameleon

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Promises, Sugar Shack, Kanary>>Leslie Knauer-Wasser>>Sugar Shack, Kanary

Sugar Shack, Lindsey Buckingham, The String Revolution, Solo>>JANET ROBIN>>Sugar Shack, Lindsey Buckingham, The String Revolution, Solo – The Mix>>Mara Fox>>The Mix

Alex Rylance – Big Trouble>>JULIA FARY


History & Biography
Precious Metal was the female answer to Poison – without the balls, speed, heaviness or playing ability. Coincidentally, Precious Metal would open for Poison later. The all-girl ‘metal gum’ band was founded in Los Angeles, California in 1983. Drummer Suzette Andres placed an advertisement in a magazine for members, but would soon leave the act to go to Wild At Heart instead. Mara was the first to join her. Control was the last to join of course. Before the band’s line-up was solidified and with a Terry Woods on vocals the ensemble recorded demos, which ended up on the movie American Drive In. The band recorded a few demo tracks that were played on a radio station called KROQ before Andres’ departure. The rest of the band marched ahead. The band began playing locally and was picked up by Polygram/Mercury. Paul Sabu produced Right Here, Right Now. Sabu had worked with other female musicians like Heart and later work with Lee Aaron. Bad Guys was the single. Mercury dropped the band and the girls went to Chameleon. The band had recorded a self-titled demo in the meantime. That Kind Of Girl was released by Savage Records for the UK with its own cover. The band’s final recorded featured a cover version of Jean Knight’s Mr Big Stuff from 1971, which was the band’s single and video. The group had prominent right-winger Donald Trump in the video, but ended up cutting him out due to the exorbitant fee the man was hustling from the band. He had agreed to a $10,000 fee only to demand $250,000 after filming was completed. The Trump version was aired several times nevertheless. The other single was Bruce Springsteen’s Two Hearts. Julia became the bassist for the third record. The official story is that Alex had lost interest and was writing scripts for movies. After being dropped a second time the band dissolved with Janet and Leslie forming Sugar Shack. Renaissance Records issued a band sampler called What you See Is What You Get in 1998.

Promises was Leslie and her brothers. Janet Robin had received guitar lessons from Randy Rhoads as a child. The band regrouped without Mara for a breast cancer benefit in 2014 and continued to give concerts. Shows with Vixen followed. The members had written a couple of songs for Heart in their heyday. Leslie was born in Canada. The Mix was Cherie Currie of Runaway’s band and lasted one year.



Precious Metal