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JOHN MCGHEE>>Legion Of Wolves

Pat Kennedy – Sinister Demise>>RORY MCDONAGH>>Eternal Helcaraxe, Naddred

Mael Mordha>>JOHN MCGHEE>>Legion Of Wolves

Neil Sweeney – JASON CONNOLLY>>Abaddon Incarnate, Legion Of Wolves, Morphosis, Grave Sermon

History & Biography
This death metal band with a truly primal sound and playing ability was Evolutions End for three years before switching to the new monicker in 1999. This was prompted by a slightly heavier sound and the departure of guitarist Ciaran O’Gorman. A self-titled demo was issued in 2000. It was recorded in December 1999 as a quartet because a replacement for O‘Gorman was not found. Soon after the recording Eric became the rhythm guitarist and John took over the bass. Another demo was 2002’s The Euthanasia Programme. This featured David Comiskey on second guitar. The band and Austria-based Outrage had a split release called The Euthanasic Programmer/Breaks Your Neck through Atlantida Productions in 2003. The band’s 2006 demo Zealot was re-issued by Northern Horde Records of Canada as an EP in 2007. This version featured a couple of extra tracks. The band had announced a split 7” with Canada-based Allfather. The band had played shows in Europe with Demonizer, Hulderfolk and Spearhead. The band was writing for an album called ContamiNation for Invictus Productions in 2008, but instead disbanded.

Primal Dawn opened for the likes of Ancient Rites, Destroyer 666 and Infernal War. The band was influenced by Angelcorpse, Vader and Deicide.



Primal Dawn